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occasionally /əˈkeɪʒənəli/ adverb

گهگاه ، گاه و بیگاه ، بعضی از اوقات
Synonyms: sometimes, at times, from time to time, irregularly, now and again, once in a while, periodically
Antonyms: constantly
Contrasted words: continually, continuously, frequently, commonly, customarily, habitually, often, hardly ever, rarely, scarcely, seldom, never
Related Idioms: every now and then, from time to time, once in a way, once in a while
Related Words: off and on, once or twice
English Thesaurus: sometimes, occasionally, (every) now and then/again, every so often, at times, ...

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occasionally S2 W3 /əˈkeɪʒənəli/ adverb
[Word Family: noun: occasion; adverb: occasionally; adjective: occasional]
sometimes, but not regularly and not often:
Occasionally Alice would look up from her books.
We only see each other very occasionally (=rarely).

In everyday English, people often say once in a while rather than occasionally:
We still see her once in a while.

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