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occur to somebody phrasal verb (see also occur)
if an idea or a thought occurs to you, it suddenly comes into your mind
it occurs to somebody to do something
I suppose it didn’t occur to you to phone the police?
It never seems to occur to my children to contact me.
it occurs to somebody (that)
It had never occurred to him that he might be falling in love with her.

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occur to
occur to (you)
to come into your mind.
Did it occur to you to call my apartment to see if I was there?

It never occurred to me to ask where she'd been.

Usage notes: often used in the form not occur to you:
It hadn't occurred to her that she would be expected to ride a bike.

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occur to
to come into someone's mind (an idea or thought)
It occurred to me that I will not be able to meet my friend on Saturday because I have to go to the airport to meet someone else.

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