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occurrence /əˈkʌrəns $ əˈkɜː-/ noun

رخداد ، وقوع ، اتفاق ، تصادف ، رویداد ، پیشامد ، واقعه ، خطور ، قانون ـ فقه: حادثه ، تصادف ، زیست شناسی: رخداد
پزشکی: وقوع

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- incident, adventure, affair, circumstance, episode, event, happening, instance
- existence, appearance, development, manifestation, materialization
Related Words: contingency, emergency, exigency, juncture, pass, condition, situation, state, adventure, experience
English Thesaurus: event, occurrence, incident, occasion, affair, ...

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occurrence AC /əˈkʌrəns $ əˈkɜː-/ noun
[Word Family: verb: occur; noun: occurrence]

1. [countable] something that happens ⇒ occur
frequent/rare/common occurrence
Laughter was a rare occurrence in his classroom.
Flooding in the area is a common occurrence.

2. [singular] the fact of something happening
occurrence of
The frequent occurrence of earthquakes in the area means that the buildings must be specifically designed to withstand the force.

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ADJ. common, everyday, widespread | daily, frequent, regular | rare, uncommon | isolated | strange, unexpected, unusual
VERB + OCCURRENCE prevent | predict
PREP. ~ in These mild fits are quite a common occurrence in babies.
PHRASES frequency of occurrence words with a high frequency of occurrence in language

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