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officer /ˈɒfəsə, ˈɒfɪsə $ ˈɒːfəsər, ˈɑː-/ noun [countable]

عضو هیات رئیسه ، امین صلح ، صاحب منصب ، مامور ، متصدی ، افسر معین کردن ، فرماندهی کردن ، فرمان دادن ، قانون ـ فقه: متصدی ضابط عدلیه ، علوم نظامی: کارمند اداری ، علوم دریایی: افسر
Synonyms: official, agent, appointee, executive, functionary, office-holder, representative
English Thesaurus: the army, the armed forces, soldier, troops, serviceman/servicewoman, ...

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officer S1 W1 /ˈɒfəsə, ˈɒfɪsə $ ˈɒːfəsər, ˈɑː-/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: office, officer, official, officialdom, officialese, officiousness; adverb: officiallyunofficially, officiously; adjective: officialunofficial, officious; verb: officiate]

1. someone who is in a position of authority in the army, navy etc
an army/naval/military etc officer
a commanding officer of the SAS

2. someone who is in a position in an organization or the government:
a prison officer
the chief medical officer
a former Cabinet officer
the public information officerchief executive officer, ⇒ press officer at press office, ⇒ probation officer, returning officer

3. a member of the police Synonym : police officer, policeman, policewoman:
a request for 400 more officers

4. Officer American English a title for a policeman or policewoman:
Officer Murdoch

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I. in the army, navy, etc.
ADJ. air force, army, military, naval | commanding, high-ranking, ranking, senior, superior The decision rests with the ranking officer (= the most senior officer present).
junior, petty | commissioned, non-commissioned | recruiting | duty He telephoned the duty officer at regimental headquarters.
uniformed | retired
VERB + OFFICER salute to salute a superior officer
OFFICER + VERB command sth the officer commanding the infantry
OFFICER + NOUN cadet, corps
 ⇒ Note at RANK

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II. in the government or other organization
ADJ. chief, principal, senior | full-time, part-time | presiding, responsible, supervising Report the incident to the responsible officer. the officer responsible for implementing the scheme
regional | administrative, customs, environmental health, financial, liaison, medical, press, trading standards, training, welfare
VERB + OFFICER be, work as | be appointed (as), become | have The charity has a full-time press officer working with the national newspapers.

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III. policeman/policewoman
ADJ. police | chief, senior, superior | junior | investigating | duty We spoke to the duty officer at the police station.
uniformed | plain-clothes | undercover
OFFICER + VERB investigate sth officers investigating the murder
patrol sth | raid sth, swoop on sth (informal) Officers raided an address in south London, seizing bomb-making equipment.
seize sth | arrest sb

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BAD: Most of my friends got jobs as shop assistants or officers.
GOOD: Most of my friends got jobs as shop assistants or office workers.

Usage Note:
officer = a person with a position of rank or authority, especially someone in the armed forces, police force or government service: 'a club for army officers and their families', 'local government officers', 'a customs officer'
office worker = a person who works in an office: 'Between five and six the trains are packed with office workers.'

BAD: A British Airways officer told us that there was a delay.
GOOD: A British Airways official told us that there was a delay.

Usage Note:
official = a person with a position of authority in an organization: 'WHO officials are monitoring the spread of the disease.'

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