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opinion /əˈpɪnjən/ noun

نظریه ، عقیده ، نظر ، رای ، اندیشه ، فکر ، گمان ، قانون ـ فقه: نظر ، فکر ، روانشناسی: نظر
Synonyms: belief, assessment, feeling, idea, impression, judgment, point of view, sentiment, theory, view
Contrasted words: disbelief, discredit, doubt, unbelief, distrust, mistrust, questioning, skepticism
Related Idioms: point of view
Related Words: attitude, impression, notion, think, thought, conclusion, estimate, estimation, judgment, reaction, assumption, conjecture, speculation, supposition, theory
English Thesaurus: opinion, view, point of view, position, attitude, ...

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opinion S1 W2 /əˈpɪnjən/ noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: Latin opinio]

1. [uncountable and countable] your ideas or beliefs about a particular subject
opinion of
What’s your opinion of Cathy?
opinion on
He asked his wife’s opinion on every important decision.
opinion about
The two women had very different opinions about drugs.
in my opinion (=used when giving your opinion)
In my opinion, the law should be changed.view1(1)

In everyday English, people usually say I think ... rather than my opinion is ... or in my opinion .... In questions, people usually ask what do you think? rather than what is your opinion?:
What do you think of Cathy?

2. [countable] judgement or advice from a professional person about something:
When choosing an insurance policy it’s best to get an independent opinion.
My doctor says I need an operation, but I’ve asked for a second opinion (=advice from a second doctor to make sure that the first advice is right).
They took the painting to get an expert opinion (=an opinion from someone who knows a lot).

3. have a high/low/good/bad etc opinion of somebody/something to think that someone or something is very good or very bad:
They have a very high opinion of Paula’s work.

4. be of the opinion (that) to think that something is true:
I was firmly of the opinion that we should not give Jackson any more money.

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I. what you think about sb/sth
ADJ. good, high | low, poor | strong | conflicting, different, mixed Opinions are mixed regarding genetically-modified food.
honest If you want my honest opinion, I think the book is awful.
expert, informed, professional | considered | personal, subjective | objective | contrary, dissenting | majority | minority | second If in doubt about your diagnosis, get a second opinion.
VERB + OPINION entertain, have, hold | air, express, give (sb), offer (sb), pass, state, venture, voice The bishop spoke without passing any opinion on the scandal.
ask sb, seek He asked me for my opinion on the course. | get | form I formed the opinion that he was not to be trusted.
OPINION + VERB change | differ, vary Opinions differ as to when this wine should be drunk.
PREP. in your ~ In my opinion, golf is a dull sport.
~ about/on She holds strong opinions on education.
~ as to opinions as to the merits of the scheme
~ of He has a very high opinion of your work.
PHRASES be of the opinion that … (formal) (= to believe or think that), a difference of opinion a genuine difference of opinion between the experts
in my humble opinion (humorous), a matter of opinion ‘London is wonderful.’ ‘That's a matter of opinion.’

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II. what people in general think about sth
ADJ. prevailing | general, popular, public Contrary to popular opinion, many adult cats dislike milk.
international, local, national | expert, informed, professional | academic, legal, medical, political
QUANT. body This view is supported by a growing body of professional opinion.
VERB + OPINION mould, shape attempts to shape public opinion
OPINION + VERB be against sth, be in favour of sth Prevailing local opinion is against the new road proposals.
be divided Public opinion is divided on the subject of capital punishment.
OPINION + NOUN poll | former, leader
PREP. ~ among Opinion among doctors is that the medication is safe.
PHRASES climate of opinion in the present climate of opinion
shades of opinion all shades of political opinion

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have/hold an opinion
Everyone seemed to have a different opinion.
He holds strong opinions on these issues.
ask somebody (for) their opinion (also ask for sb’s opinion)
We asked people for their opinions about the Olympics.
Nobody asked my opinion.
It’s a good idea to ask people for their opinions and suggestions.
give/express an opinion (=say what your opinion is)
He gave his opinion only when asked.
voice/state an opinion written (=give your opinion, especially in a formal situation)
She has every right to voice her opinion.
form an opinion (=gradually decide what your opinion is)
Olson had not yet formed an opinion as to Mark’s reliability.
the general opinion (=the opinion that most people have about something)
The general opinion seems to be that the government has made a mess of the war.
popular/public opinion (=what ordinary people think about something)
How much do newspapers influence popular opinion?
sb’s personal opinion
My personal opinion is that his first film was better.
strong opinions
People have strong opinions about this subject.
have a difference of opinion (= two people disagree)
He and Luke had a difference of opinion.
something is a matter of opinion (=used to say that you disagree, or that people disagree about something)
"He’s a very nice man." "That’s a matter of opinion," thought Sam.
contrary to popular opinion (=in spite of what most people think)
Contrary to popular opinion, many cats dislike milk.
in my humble opinion (=used when giving your opinion, especially when you want to emphasize what you are about to say)
In my humble opinion, he is the greatest sportsman Britain has produced.
keep your opinions to yourself (=not say what you really think)
As the youngest person there, I knew enough to keep my opinions to myself.
opinion is divided as to/on/over something (=people have different opinions about it)
Opinion was divided as to whether the program will work.
everyone is entitled to their opinion (=used especially when politely disagreeing with what someone says)
Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I can't accept what he is saying.

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BAD: According to Henry's opinion, less money should be spent on weapons.
GOOD: In Henry's opinion, less money should be spent on weapons.
GOOD: According to Henry, less money should be spent on weapons.

Usage Note:
according to sb : 'According to Peter, deforestation is a serious problem.'
in sb's opinion (NOT according to ... opinion ): 'In Peter's opinion, deforestation is a very serious problem.'

BAD: They are not afraid of saying their opinions.
GOOD: They are not afraid of expressing their opinions.

Usage Note:
express/give your opinion (NOT say ): 'The newspapers express a wide range of political opinions.'

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