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view /vjuː/ noun
view verb [transitive]

منظور ، نیمرخ ، دیدگاه ، نما ، منظره ، نظریه ، عقیده ، چشم انداز ، قضاوت ، دیدن ، از نظر گذراندن ، کامپیوتر: نمایش ، عمران: دید ، معماری: منظره ، قانون ـ فقه: بازدید کردن ، روانشناسی: منظره ، بازرگانی: نقطه نظر
الکترونیک: نما ، منظره ، دیدن ، نمایش ، کامپیوتر: نظریه ، نظر ، منظور ، بازدید کردن ، حقوق: نما ، منظره ، معماری: نیمرخ ، دید ، عمران: نظر ، منظره ، روانشناسی: دیدگاه ، نقطه نظر ، اقتصاد: نما، نظر، منظره ، نظریه ، عقیده ، دید، چشم انداز، قضاوت ، دیدن ، از نظر گذراندن کامپیوتر: نما

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- sometimes plural: opinion, attitude, belief, conviction, feeling, impression, point of view, sentiment
- scene, landscape, outlook, panorama, perspective, picture, prospect, spectacle, vista
- vision, sight
- regard, consider, deem, look on
Related Words: examination, inspection, scan, scrutiny, panorama, picture, prospect, vista, look, apprehension, intent, intention, purpose, aim, ambition, goal, objective, design, plan, project, consideration, notion, expectation, concept, conception, deduction, inference, observe
English Thesaurus: opinion, view, point of view, position, attitude, ...

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I. view1 S1 W1 /vjuː/ noun
[Word Family: noun: view, overview, preview, review, viewer, reviewer; verb: view, preview, review]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Old French; Origin: veue, vue, from veeir, voir 'to see', from Latin videre; video3]

1. OPINION [countable] what you think or believe about something Synonym : opinion
view on/about
What’s your view on the subject?
view that
Their view is that competition is good for business.
In my view, the country needs a change of government.point of view(2)

In everyday English, people usually say I think ... rather than In my view ..., and What do you think? rather than What is your view?:
What do you think about her new boyfriend?

2. WAY OF CONSIDERING [countable usually singular] a way of thinking about or understanding something
view of
Mum’s view of the situation was different to mine.
optimistic/pessimistic/balanced etc view
a realistic view of human nature
traditional views of religion
You need to have a clear view (=a definite idea) of the kind of book you want to write.
take a dim/poor view of something (=disapprove)
She took a pretty dim view of his behaviour.

3. SIGHT [uncountable and countable] what you are able to see or whether you can see it
view of
We’d like a room with a view of the sea.
good/bad/wonderful etc view
The house has wonderful views over the valley.
be in view/come into view
Suddenly the pyramids came into view.
disappear/vanish/be hidden from view
The gun was hidden from view behind the door.
Fran hit him in full view of all the guests (=where they could see it clearly).
During an eclipse, the moon blocks our view of the sun (=stop us from seeing it).

SCENERY [countable] the whole area that you can see from somewhere, especially when it is very beautiful or impressive:
From the top you get a panoramic view of the city.
A huge nuclear reactor now spoils the view.

5. PICTURE [countable] a photograph or picture showing a beautiful or interesting place
view of
The book contains over fifty scenic views of Cambridge.

6. CHANCE TO SEE SOMETHING [uncountable and countable] an occasion or time when it is possible for people to see something such as an art show
view of
A private view of the Summer Exhibition will be held.
on view (=being shown to the public)
The painting is currently on view at the Tate.

7. in view of something formal used to introduce the reason for a decision or action:
In view of his conduct, the club has decided to suspend him.

8. with a view to (doing) something because you are planning to do something in the future:
We bought the house with a view to retiring there.

9. in view formal having something in your mind as an aim
with this end/object/aim etc in view
Defence was all-important, and castles were designed with this end in view.
What sort of job did you have in view?

10. take the long view (of something) British English to think about the effect that something will have in the future rather than what happens now

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II. view2 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: view, overview, preview, review, viewer, reviewer; verb: view, preview, review]

1. to think about something or someone in a particular way Synonym : see
view something as something
The law should be viewed as a way of meeting certain social goals.
view something from a ... perspective/standpoint
It’s an issue that can be viewed from several perspectives.
view something with caution/suspicion/scepticism etc
The local people viewed newcomers with suspicion.

2. formal to look at something, especially because it is beautiful or you are interested in it
view something from something
The mountain is best viewed from the north side.
Thousands of tourists come to view the gardens every year.
view a house/an apartment/a property (=go to see a house etc that you are interested in buying)

3. formal to watch a television programme, film etc:
an opportunity to view the film before it goes on general release

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

I. opinion/idea about sth
ADJ. general, popular, prevailing, widely held The prevailing view is that he has done a good job in difficult circumstances.
conflicting, differing, divergent, opposing, polarized The debate brings together experts with conflicting views.
clear, forthright, strong He's a doctor with clear views on how to prevent illness.
idealized, optimistic, positive, romantic, rosy Her rosy view of life abroad seems rather naive.
jaundiced, negative, pessimistic After his experience in jail, he has a pretty jaundiced view of the penal system.
conventional The conventional view is that work is pleasant and rewarding.
unorthodox | minority | political | liberal, modern, progressive, radical | moderate | conservative, reactionary | extremist, hard-line | stereotyped, stereotypical | informed | ill-informed, uninformed | world His world view revolves around a battle between rich and poor.
VERB + VIEW have, hold | take I took the view that an exception should be made in this case.
air, convey, expound, express, make known, present, put forward The meeting gave everyone the chance to air their views. She picked up the phone and made her views known to her boss.
discuss, exchange, share At the meeting, we hope people will exchange views freely.
canvass, solicit He called a meeting to solicit the views of his staff.
reflect, represent His letter to the management did not reflect the views of his colleagues.
adhere to, agree with, endorse | confirm, support | challenge His music challenges the view that modern jazz is inaccessible.
PREP. in your ~ In my view it was a waste of time.
~ about Teachers generally keep their views about politics hidden.
~ on Experts hold widely differing views on this subject.
PHRASES an exchange of views It's good to have a full and frank exchange of views.
a point of view From a teacher's point of view, activities that can be done with minimal preparation are invaluable.
take a dim view of sth (= have a poor opinion of sth) My mother takes a pretty dim view of my cooking skills.

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II. ability to see/be seen from a particular place
ADJ. good, grandstand, wonderful | poor, terrible We had a poor view of the stage from where we were sitting.
clear, unimpeded, uninterrupted, unobstructed | back, front, rear, side The picture shows a front view of the car.
close, close-up | public Tensions within the band remained hidden from public view.
overall (figurative) The staff handbook gives an overall view of the company.
VERB + VIEW get, have The pillar prevented me getting a clear view of the action.
give sb The patio gave an unimpeded view across the headland to the sea.
block A woman in a very large hat was blocking my view of the procession.
come into A large truck suddenly came into view.
disappear from They stood waving on the platform, until the train disappeared from view.
be hidden from
PREP. in ~ There was nobody in view.
on ~ The carriage was put on view for the public to see.
PHRASES in full view (of sth) He was shot in full view of a large crowd.

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III. scenery
ADJ. breathtaking, fine, lovely, magnificent, spectacular, splendid, stunning, superb, wonderful a room with a breathtaking view across the bay
commanding, panoramic | mountain, sea, etc.
VERB + VIEW afford, boast, enjoy, give, have Most rooms enjoy panoramic views of the sea. The large windows give fine views of the surrounding countryside.
admire, enjoy a place to unwind and enjoy the view
PREP. ~ across/over a view over the valley
~ from the view from his apartment
~ of
PHRASES a room with a view

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ADV. favourably, positively | unfavourably | cautiously, suspiciously These results should be viewed cautiously.
differently | objectively Try to view the situation objectively.
VERB + VIEW tend to | try to
PREP. as This behaviour is not viewed as acceptable.
from trying to view the situation from an American perspective
with They tend to view foreigners with suspicion.
PHRASES generally/widely viewed as sth He is widely viewed as a possible prime minister.
increasingly viewed as sth, traditionally viewed as sth, a way of viewing sth

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have/hold a view (=have an opinion)
He has very left-wing views.
take the view that ... (=have a particular view)
The Government took the view that the law did not need to be changed.
express a view (=say what you think about something)
This is a chance for you to express your views.
give your view (=say what you think)
He did not hesitate to give his own views on the subject.
share a view (=agree with it)
This view is not shared by his colleagues.
support a view (=believe or help to prove that it is right)
There are many people who would support his views.
hear a view (also listen to a view)
a chance to hear people’s views on a range of different subjects
tell somebody your view (also let somebody have your view)
We want you to tell us your views.
sb’s view changes
Your view about these things changes as you get older.
political views
His political views have not changed.
sb’s personal view
My own personal view is that they’re being optimistic.
widely-held view
There is a widely-held view that young people eat too much junk food.
the general view (=what most people think)
The general view was that he had done well.
strong views
She has strong views on education.
strongly held/deeply held views (=strong views that someone is unwilling to change)
He is known for his strongly held views on modern art.
different views
Different people have different views about this subject.
conflicting/opposing views (=completely different)
There are conflicting views about the best way to teach reading.
a politician who has extreme views on immigration
His views have recently become more moderate.
The chairman said that Mr McNeil's views were outrageous.
traditional views about women
Some of his views now sound very old-fashioned.
This view has become increasingly popular in society.
It’s now a rather unpopular view.
the students’ extreme left-wing views
be of the same view (=agree)
They were all of the same view.
be of differing/different views (=disagree)
They get on well, though they are of differing views on politics.
an exchange of views (=when people say what they think, especially when they disagree)
There was a frank exchange of views at the meeting.
have/get a view of something
She had a clear view of the street from her window.
enjoy/admire the view
They sat enjoying the view down the valley.
take in the view (=look at and enjoy it)
Why don’t you walk along the coastline, taking in the breathtaking views?
block sb’s view
A pillar blocked my view of the stage.
obscure the view (=make it difficult to see)
A wall of mist obscured the view.
spoil the view (=make it look bad)
Some local residents think the wind turbines spoil the view.
command a view (also afford a view formal) (=if a place commands or affords a view, you can see that view from there)
The room commanded an excellent view of the river.
There are breathtaking views from the top of the hill.
a good view
From here we get a good view of the fortress.
a sea/ocean view (=a view of the sea)
I’d like a room with a sea view.
a panoramic view (=when you can see in many directions)
Everyone who made it to the summit was rewarded with a magnificent panoramic view.
a bird’s-eye view (=a view from high above something)
The top of the bell tower in the square gives a bird’s-eye view of Venice.
be in view
From the window the car was clearly in view.
in full view of somebody
He took the money in full view of everyone.
come into view
Suddenly the pyramids came into view.
disappear from view
She disappeared from view around the corner.
be hidden from view
The inside of the house was hidden from view by curtains.

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BAD: The view of all the blood on the ground made her feel ill.
GOOD: The sight of all the blood on the ground made her feel ill.

Usage Note:
View refers to the whole area that you can see from somewhere, especially when you can see a long way into the distance: 'His studio has a spectacular view over Sydney Harbour Bridge.' 'I've booked a room with a view of the sea.'
When you are talking about the act of seeing something, use the sight of : 'The sight of so many people dying from disease and hunger is something I will never forget.'

BAD: Come over here and watch the view.
GOOD: Come over here and look at the view.
BAD: We just sat there and saw the view.
GOOD: We just sat there and admired the view.
BAD: From the top of the tower you see a wonderful view of the city.
GOOD: From the top of the tower you get a wonderful view of the city.

Usage Note:
look at/admire/enjoy the view (NOT see/watch ): 'We asked the coach driver to stop so that we could look at the view.'
have/get a (good) view from a particular place (NOT see ): 'If you stand where I am you get a much better view.'

See POINT OF VIEW (point of view)

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See: in view , in view of , take a dim view of

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