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original /əˈrɪdʒɪnəl, -dʒənəl/ adjective

نسخه اصلی ، اغازین ، اصیل ، اصلی ، اصل ، مبتکر ، ابتکاری ، بکر ، بدیع ، منبع ، سرچشمه ، عمران: اصلی ، قانون ـ فقه: ابتدایی ، روانشناسی: اصیل ، بازرگانی: نسخه اصلی ، اصیل ، علوم نظامی: نسخه اولیه
کامپیوتر: اصل

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- first, earliest, initial, introductory, opening, primary, starting
- new, fresh, ground-breaking, innovative, novel, seminal, unprecedented, unusual
- creative, fertile, imaginative, ingenious, inventive, resourceful
- prototype, archetype, master, model, paradigm, pattern, precedent, standard
Antonyms: copy, reproduction, unoriginal
Contrasted words: dummy, imitation, simulacrum, counterfeit, fake, forgery, banal, trite, derivative, initative
Related Words: forerunner, mother, precursor, model, pattern, precedent, archetypal, prototypal
English Thesaurus: new, brand new, recent, the latest, modern, ...

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I. original1 S1 W1 /əˈrɪdʒɪnəl, -dʒənəl/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: origin, original, originality, originator; verb: originate; adverb: originally; adjective: originalUNORIGINAL]

1. [only before noun] existing or happening first, before other people or things:
The land was returned to its original owner.
The kitchen still has many original features (=parts that were there when the house was first built).
the original meaning of the word
The original plan was to fly out to New York.

2. completely new and different from anything that anyone has thought of before:
I don’t think George is capable of having original ideas!
That’s not a very original suggestion.
a highly original design
His work is truly original.

3. [only before noun] an original work of art is the one that was made by the artist and is not a copy:
The original painting is now in the National Gallery in London.
an original Holbein drawing

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II. original2 noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: origin, original, originality, originator; verb: originate; adverb: originally; adjective: originalUNORIGINAL]

1. a work of art or a document that is not a copy, but is the one produced by the writer or artist:
The colours are much more striking in the original.
I’ll keep a copy of the contract, and give you the original.

2. in the original in the language that a book, play etc was first written in, before it was translated:
I’d prefer to read it in the original.

3. informal someone whose behaviour, clothing etc is unusual and amusing

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ADV. extremely, highly, startlingly, very She has a highly original mind. a startlingly original idea
completely tackling the problem in a completely original way

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VERB + ORIGINAL pass sth off as He copied paintings of famous artists and passed them off as originals.
PREP. in the ~ to read Tolstoy in the original

[TahlilGaran] Collocations Dictionary

BAD: Archaeological treasures should be kept in the original country.
GOOD: Archaeological treasures should be kept in the country of origin.

Usage Note:
country of origin = the country where something was made or discovered: 'They refuse to release these antiquities until the country of origin is properly established.'

BAD: Many craftsmen have given up their original skills to work in factories.
GOOD: Many craftsmen have given up their traditional skills to work in factories.
BAD: She was wearing an original Japanese 'yukata'.
GOOD: She was wearing a traditional Japanese 'yukata'.

Usage Note:
original = (1) completely new: 'Nobody expected that the bikini, with its daringly original design, would catch on as it did.'
(2) the one that exists first (usually followed later by other ones): 'The original edition contained only 170 pages.' 'The tennis court to the side of the house was the idea of the original owner.'
traditional = done or used by a group or society for a very long time: 'The dancers were wearing traditional African dress.' 'Kumar gave the traditional Hindu greeting.'

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Target Proceeding In Original Direction

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