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peep /piːp/ verb

نگاه زیر چشمی ، نگاه دزدکی ، ظهور ، نیش افتاب ، روزنه ، روشنایی کم ، جیک جیک ، جیرجیرکردن ، جیک زدن ، باچشم نیم باز نگاه کردن ، از سوراخ نگاه کردن ، طلوع کردن ، جوانه زدن ، اشکار شدن ، کمی

: peep 2

باچشم نیم باز ، دزدانه ، طلوع کردن ، ازسوراخ نگاه کردن ، نیش زدن ، درحال شکفتن
- peek, look, sneak a look, steal a look
- look, glimpse, look-see (slang), peek
tweet, cheep, chirp, squeak
Related Idioms: take a peep (or peek)
Related Words: pip, glance, look, peer, stare, look-over, look-see, oeillade, ogle

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I. peep1 /piːp/ verb
[Date: 1400-1500; Origin: Perhaps from peek]

1. [intransitive] to look at something quickly and secretly, especially through a hole or opening Synonym : peekpeer
peep into/through/out etc
The door was ajar and Helen peeped in.
Henry peeped through the window into the kitchen.

2. [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] if something peeps from somewhere, you can just see a small amount of it
peep through/from/out etc
I could see her toes peeping out from under the sheet.

3. [transitive] informal to look at something because it is interesting or attractive:
On our website you can peep our video interview with R&B’s newest supergroup.

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II. peep2 noun [countable]
[Sense 1: Date: 1500-1600; Origin: peep1]
[Sense 2-3: Date: 1400-1500; Origin: From the sound. ]
[Sense 4: Date: 1900-2000; Origin: people]

1. a quick or secret look at something
peep at/into
Jon took a peep at his watch.

2. a peep informal a sound that someone makes, or something that they say, especially a complaint:
There has not been a peep out of them since bedtime.
a peep of protest

3. a short high sound, like the sound a mouse or a young bird makes:
the peep of a chick
loud peeps from the smoke alarm

4. (also peeps) informal a word meaning ‘people’, used in magazines

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

ADJ. little, quick
VERB + PEEP have, take | get
PREP. ~ at I noticed him take a little peep at his watch.
~ behind The film gives us a peep behind the curtain at a Broadway musical.
~ into a peep into the private life of a world leader
~ through I took a peep through the keyhole.

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ADV. cautiously | out He peeped out cautiously from behind the door.
PREP. at She was tempted to peep at the letter.
through The child peeped through a crack in the door.

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