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performer /pəˈfɔːmə $ pərˈfɔːrmər/ noun [countable]

ایفا کننده ، قانون ـ فقه: مجری
Synonyms: artiste, actor or actress, player, Thespian, trouper

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performer /pəˈfɔːmə $ pərˈfɔːrmər/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: performance, performer; verb: perform; adjective: performing]

1. an actor, musician etc who performs to entertain people:
circus performers
He was a better songwriter than performer.

2. good/top/poor etc performer
a) someone who does a particular job or activity well or badly:
Star performers are rewarded with bonuses.
b) a product, business etc that makes a lot of money, or that makes very little money:
Newcastle Brown Ale is an outstanding performer in the British beer market.

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ADJ. key, star, top The star performer of the match was Bill Holland who scored 26 points.
good, great, impressive, outstanding, polished, talented | poor | seasoned She's a seasoned concert performer.
live | solo | amateur, professional | circus, concert, radio, stage, street, television The president was a polished television performer.

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