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permission /pəˈmɪʃən $ pər-/ noun [uncountable]

مجوز ، اجازه ، اذن ، رخصت ، دستور ، پروانه ، مرخصی ، قانون ـ فقه: مجوز ، اجازه ، بازرگانی: اجازه ، علوم نظامی: مجوز
مهندسی صنایع: نیروی انسانی: اجاز

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Synonyms: authorization, allowance, approval, assent, consent, dispensation, go-ahead (informal), green light, leave, liberty, licence, sanction
Antonyms: prohibition
Related Words: acceptance, acquiescence, approbation, approval, endorsement

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permission S2 W3 /pəˈmɪʃən $ pər-/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: permission, permit, permissiveness; adjective: permissibleimpermissible, permissive; verb: permit]
when someone is officially allowed to do something
permission from
You'll have to get permission from your parents if you want to come.
permission for
The Council refused permission for the development.
planning permission

Permission is an uncountable noun. It is not used with 'a', and is not usually used with 'the' unless it is followed by 'of':
Permission was granted to televise the ceremony.
Interviews can be taped only with the permission of the interviewee.

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ADJ. full | special | express Staff may not leave early without the express permission of the director.
formal, government, official | written | necessary They chopped the trees down without having been granted the necessary permission.
prior He was not allowed to leave the city without the prior permission of the authorities.
planning You will need to obtain planning permission if you want to extend your house.
VERB + PERMISSION have | gain, get, obtain, receive, secure | give (sb), grant (sb) | deny sb, refuse sb | need, require | apply for, ask (for), request, seek
PREP. with/without sb's ~ The information was published with the full permission of Amnesty International.
~ for The council refused planning permission for the erection of a block of flats.
~ to permission to park
PHRASES by (kind) permission of sb The illustrations are reproduced by kind permission of the British Library.

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have permission to do something
They did not have permission to build on the land.
ask (for) permission (also request permission formal)
Tommy asked for permission to go to the bathroom.
Captain Miller requested permission to land.
apply for permission (=ask for official written permission)
The company has applied for permission to drill for oil.
get permission (also obtain/receive permission formal)
We'll need to get permission to film in the museum.
You must obtain permission from the owners before viewing the property.
give permission (also grant somebody permission formal)
The city authorities gave permission for the rally to take place.
In 1961, he was granted permission to emigrate to Israel.
refuse/deny (somebody) permission
Betty's father refused her permission to attend the dance.
seek permission formal (=ask someone for permission)
People wanting to visit the island have to seek permission from the authorities.
need permission
You'll need written permission from your parents first.
written permission
Doctors need written permission from the patient before they can operate.
special permission
The paintings cannot be taken out of Russia without special permission.
official permission
Mr Murphy was granted official permission to travel to North Korea.
planning permission (=official permission to build a new building or change an existing one )
The bank has applied for planning permission to redevelop a 1¼-acre site.
express permission (=definitely or clearly given)
He is not to leave without my express permission.
without permission
Pages should not be copied without the permission of the publisher.
with somebody's permission
With your permission, I'd like to talk to your son alone.
by kind permission of somebody formal (=used for thanking someone for allowing something)
This photograph is reproduced by kind permission of Country Living.

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BAD: To get a job in Switzerland, foreigners need a special permission.
GOOD: To get a job in Switzerland, foreigners need special permission.

Usage Note:
Permission is an uncountable noun: 'If you want to put up a tent, you'll have to get the farmer's permission.' 'Nobody is allowed to leave early without permission.'

BAD: Eventually he gave me the permission to stay at home.
GOOD: Eventually he gave me his permission to stay at home.

Usage Note:
(their/his mother's/the headmaster's) permission but NOT the permission : 'I'm sure that they'll let you use the library but it's better to have official permission.'

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