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personally /ˈpɜːsənəli $ ˈpɜːr-/ adverb

اصالتا" ، قانون ـ فقه: بالنفسه
- by oneself, alone, independently, on one's own, solely
- in one's opinion, for one's part, from one's own viewpoint, in one's books, in one's own view
- individually, individualistically, privately, specially, subjectively

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personally S2 /ˈpɜːsənəli $ ˈpɜːr-/ adverb
[Word Family: noun: person, personality, persona, personage, the personals, personification, personnel; adjective: personalimpersonal, personalized, personable; verb: personalize, personify; adverb: personallyimpersonally]

1. [sentence adverb] spoken used to emphasize that you are only giving your own opinion about something:
Personally, I don’t think much of the idea.
I personally think it’s too cold to go out.

2. if you do something personally, you do it yourself rather than getting someone else to do it Synonym : in person:
The managing director wrote personally to thank me.
All important work is personally approved by him.
I’ll see to it personally.

3. used to show that one particular person is involved, rather than a group of people:
I’m holding you personally responsible for this mess!
She clearly blamed me personally for the difficulties she’d been having.

4. take something personally to get upset by the things other people say or do, because you think that their remarks or behaviour are directed at you in particular:
Don’t take it personally; she’s rude to everyone.

5. as a friend, or as someone you have met:
I don’t know her personally, but I like her work.

6. in a way that criticizes someone’s character or appearance:
Members of the Senate rarely attack each other personally.

7. in relation to someone’s private life, rather than to their work, business, or official duties:
She had a lasting impact on his life both personally and professionally.

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