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persuade /pəˈsweɪd $ pər-/ verb [transitive]

وادار کردن ، بران داشتن ، ترغیب کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: ترغیب کردن
- talk into, bring round (informal), coax, entice, impel, incite, induce, influence, sway, urge, win over
- convince, cause to believe, satisfy
Antonyms: dissuade
Contrasted words: discourage, hinder, prevent
Related Words: affect, impress, touch, reason, convert
English Thesaurus: effect, impact, influence, side effect, after-effects, ...

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persuade S3 W2 /pəˈsweɪd $ pər-/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: persuasiondissuasion, persuasiveness; verb: persuadedissuade; adverb: persuasively; adjective: persuasive]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: persuadere, from suadere 'to advise']

1. to make someone decide to do something, especially by giving them reasons why they should do it, or asking them many times to do it
persuade somebody to do something
I finally managed to persuade her to go out for a drink with me.
persuade somebody into doing something
Don’t let yourself be persuaded into buying things you don’t want.
try/manage/fail to persuade somebody
I’m trying to persuade your dad to buy some shares.
attempt/effort to persuade somebody
Leo wouldn’t agree, despite our efforts to persuade him.
little/a lot of/no persuading
He took a lot of persuading to come out of retirement (=it was hard to persuade him).
He was fairly easily persuaded.

2. to make someone believe something or feel sure about something Synonym : convince:
I am not persuaded by these arguments.
persuade somebody (that)
She’ll only take me back if I can persuade her that I’ve changed.
persuade somebody of something
McFadden must persuade the jury of her innocence.

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ADV. successfully | almost | eventually, finally | quickly | easily She was easily persuaded to accompany us.
gently Dave gently persuaded the fish close enough to be lifted aboard the boat.
personally The education minister personally persuaded the prime minister to rethink.
somehow He somehow persuaded the studio to let him make the film.
VERB + PERSUADE attempt to, endeavour to, seek to, try to | hope to | be able/unable to, can/could | manage to He eventually managed to persuade one of the staff to let him in.
help (to) | be difficult to | fail to
PREP. into She was persuaded into buying an expensive dress.
of We must persuade the government of the need for change.
PHRASES an attempt/effort to persuade sb an unsuccessful attempt to persuade her colleagues
be reluctantly persuaded I was reluctantly persuaded to join the committee.
have difficulty (in) persuading sb They had difficulty in persuading the two sides to sit down together.

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