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physical /ˈfɪzɪkəl/ adjective
physical (also ˌphysical examinˈation) noun [countable]

فیزیکی ، طبیعی ، مادی ، جسمانی ، بدنی ، روانشناسی: مادی ، ورزش: مربوط به استفاده از تماس یا خشونت بدنی ، علوم نظامی: مربوط به تاسیسات
- bodily, corporal, corporeal, earthly, fleshly, incarnate, mortal
- material, natural, palpable, real, solid, substantial, tangible
Antonyms: spiritual, mental
Related Words: natural, elemental, elementary, visceral, lusty, brute

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I. physical1 S2 W1 AC /ˈfɪzɪkəl/ adjective
[Word Family: adverb: physically; adjective: physical]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Medieval Latin; Origin: physicalis, from Latin physica; physics]

1. BODY NOT MIND related to someone’s body rather than their mind or emotions ⇒ mental, emotional:
She was in constant physical pain.
the physical and emotional needs of young adults
people with severe physical disabilities
Don’t be put off by his physical appearance.
He was obsessed with physical fitness.

2. SEX a physical relationship involves sex rather than just friendship:
My attraction to him was totally physical.
Their physical relationship had never been very good.

3. PERSON informal someone who is physical likes touching people a lot:
She’s a very physical person.

4. VIOLENT involving touching someone in a rough or violent way:
Football can be a very physical game.
I was a bit worried that the argument might become physical.

5. REAL/SOLID relating to real objects that you can touch, see, or feel:
the physical world around us
the physical environment
They were kept in appalling physical conditions.

6. NATURAL relating to or following natural laws:
a physical explanation for this phenomenon

7. SCIENCE [only before noun] a physical science is an area of scientific study that is related to physics:
physical chemistry
—physicality /ˌfɪzɪˈkæləti, ˌfɪzɪˈkælɪti/ noun [uncountable]:
the physicality of sport

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II. physical2 (also ˌphysical examinˈation) noun [countable]
a thorough examination of someone’s body by a doctor, in order to discover whether they are healthy or have any illnesses or medical problems

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VERBS be The problem is purely physical, not mental.
ADV. purely | almost The shock of the darkness was almost physical.

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physical activity
We all know about the health benefits of physical activity.
physical contact
There shall be no intentional physical contact between teams.
physical abuse/violence
He had suffered physical abuse at the hands of his parents.
sb’s physical appearance
Describe his physical appearance.
physical pain
She bravely endured great physical pain.
physical strength
The murder could have been committed only by a man of enormous physical strength.
physical fitness
You need to work on your physical fitness.
a physical disability (=condition that makes it difficult for someone to use a part of their body properly)
From birth he has suffered from severe physical disabilities.
a physical defect (=a physical fault, especially one that only affects the appearance)
Most babies are born without physical defects.

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