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pink /pɪŋk/ adjective

رنگ صورتی ، سوراخ سوراخ کردن یا بریدن
Synonyms: rosy, flushed, reddish, rose, roseate, salmon

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I. pink1 S2 W3 /pɪŋk/ adjective
[Date: 1600-1700; Origin: Probably from pink2(2)]

1. pale red:
bright pink lipstick
Hannah’s face went pink.shocking pink

2. [only before noun] British English relating to people who are homosexual
be tickled pink at tickle1(3)

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II. pink2 noun
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: Perhaps from pink eye 'half-shut eye', used as a name for the plant, from Dutch pink oogen 'small eyes']

1. [uncountable and countable] a pale red colour:
Her room was decorated in bright pinks and purples.
She had arrived dressed in pink.

2. [countable] a garden plant with pink, white, or red flowers

3. in the pink old-fashioned in very good health

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I. pale red
VERBS glow The western sky was glowing pink.
ADV. very | slightly
ADJ. bright, brilliant, fluorescent, hot, shocking, vivid | dark, deep, rich | baby, delicate, light, pale, pastel, soft | dusky | coral, pearly, rose, salmon
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II. red in the face
VERBS be, glow, look | go, grow, turn She could feel herself going pink.
ADV. very | faintly, quite, slightly
ADJ. bright
PREP. with He was pink with anger.

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See: in the pink , tickle pink

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