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plant /plɑːnt $ plænt/ noun

واحد صنعتی ، تجهیزات کارگاه ، محل کارخانه یا کارگاه ، کاشتن ، کشت و زرع کردن ، نهال زدن ، در زمین قرار دادن ، مستقر کردن ، گیاه ، نهال ، رستنی ، نبات ، ماشین الات کارخانه ، دستگاه ، ماشین ، علوم مهندسی: وسایل ، عمران: کارگاه ، معماری: نهال ، قانون ـ فقه: غرس کردن ، شیمی: تاسیسات ، زیست شناسی: گیاه ، بازرگانی: کارخانه ، تاسیسات

: plant (to)

کاشتن ، معماری: نهال زدن
مهندسی صنایع: کارخانه ، ماشین آلات ، ماشین

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- vegetable, bush, flower, herb, shrub, weed
- factory, foundry, mill, shop, works, yard
- machinery, apparatus, equipment, gear
- sow, put in the ground, scatter, seed, transplant
- place, establish, fix, found, insert, put, set
Contrasted words: crop, gather, harvest, reap
Related Words: drill, broadcast, dust, scatter, seed down
English Thesaurus: factory, plant, facility, works, a steelworks/ironworks/brickworks/a chemical/cement works/a printing works, ...

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I. plant1 S2 W1 /plɑːnt $ plænt/ noun
[Word Family: noun: plant, transplant, transplantation, plantation, planter; verb: plant, transplant]
[Language: Old English; Origin: plante, from Latin planta 'new growth on a plant, part cut off a plant to be grown again']

1. LIVING THING [countable] a living thing that has leaves and roots and grows in earth, especially one that is smaller than a tree:
Don’t forget to water the plants.houseplant

2. FACTORY [countable] a factory or building where an industrial process happens:
a huge chemical plantpower plant

3. MACHINERY [uncountable] British English heavy machinery that is used in industrial processes:
a plant hire business

4. SOMETHING HIDDEN [countable usually singular] something illegal or stolen that is hidden in someone’s clothes or possessions to make them seem guilty of a crime

5. PERSON [countable] someone who is put somewhere or sent somewhere secretly to find out information

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II. plant2 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: plant, transplant, transplantation, plantation, planter; verb: plant, transplant]
[Language: Old English; Origin: plantian, from Latin plantare, from planta; plant1]

1. PLANTS/SEEDS to put plants or seeds in the ground to grow:
Residents have helped us plant trees.
We’ve planted tomatoes and carrots in the garden.
plant a field/garden/area etc (with something)
a hillside planted with fir trees

2. PUT SOMETHING SOMEWHERE [always + adverb/preposition] informal to put something firmly in or on something else
plant something in/on etc something
He came up to her and planted a kiss on her cheek.
She planted her feet firmly to the spot and refused to move.

3. HIDE ILLEGAL GOODS informal to hide stolen or illegal goods in someone’s clothes, bags, room etc in order to make them seem guilty of a crime
plant something on somebody
She claims that the police planted the drugs on her.

4. BOMB plant a bomb to put a bomb somewhere:
Two men are accused of planting a bomb on the plane.

5. PERSON to put or send someone somewhere, especially secretly, so that they can find out information:
The police had planted undercover detectives at every entrance.

6. plant an idea/doubt/suspicion (in sb’s mind) to make someone begin to have an idea, especially so that they do not realize that you gave them the idea:
Someone must have planted the idea of suicide in his mind.
plant something ↔ out phrasal verb
to put a young plant into the soil outdoors, so that it has enough room to grow:
The seedlings should be planted out in May.

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I. living thing
ADJ. attractive | delicate | wild | rare | garden, house, indoor, potted | exotic, tropical | medicinal | food food plants of rare butterflies
crop | poisonous | perennial | aquatic, desert, marsh | bedding, climbing, flowering, ornamental | herbaceous, leguminous | strawberry, tomato, etc.
VERB + PLANT cultivate, grow | water
PLANT + VERB develop, grow | flourish | die | absorb sth, consume sth Plants absorb carbon in the form of carbon dioxide.
PLANT + NOUN roots | growth | life Much of the local plant life has been destroyed by the chemicals.
species, variety | material, matter, tissue | pot | science

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II. factory
ADJ. industrial | assembly, manufacturing, production | car | nuclear, power | processing, reprocessing, sewage, treatment, water-treatment a waste reprocessing plant
chemical, petrochemical
VERB + PLANT build | dismantle | manage, run
PLANT + NOUN manager

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I. put plants/seeds in the ground to grow
ADV. carefully | deliberately weeds that had not been deliberately planted
PREP. in Carefully plant your cutting in the soil.
with The garden was planted with roses and other shrubs.
PHRASES densely/thickly planted a thickly planted orange grove
freshly/newly/recently planted

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II. put sth firmly in a place/position
ADV. firmly, solidly, squarely She planted a kiss squarely on his cheek.
PREP. on He was determined to keep both feet firmly planted on dry land.

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Many rare plants were collected from India and China.
These plants are common in British gardens.
wild plants
Many wild plants are in danger of dying out.
garden plants (=plants that are grown in gardens)
These butterflies feed on the flowers of several garden plants.
exotic/tropical plants
Exotic plants can be grown in a greenhouse.
medicinal plants (=plants that can be used in medicine)
A lot of research into medicinal plants and traditional remedies has now been carried out.
a potted/pot plant British English (=a plant that is grown in a container)
He leaves his house key under the potted plant on the porch.
a house plant (=a plant grown in a pot in the house)
These make excellent house plants.
a climbing plant (=one that grows up things)
The wall was covered with climbing plants.
a trailing plant (=one that grows along the ground or hangs down)
a tomato/potato/bean etc plant
Bean plants are easy to grow.
What should you do if your child has eaten a poisonous plant?
a plant grows
The plant grows to a height of about 20 inches.
a plant thrives/flourishes (=grows well)
A lot of plants thrive in partial shade.
a plant flowers
The plants are flowering earlier this year.
grow a plant
It is not an easy plant to grow.
water a plant
He could see her watering the plants in her small garden.
a plant withers (=becomes drier and starts to die)
plant life (=plants)
All but the dirtiest of rivers support some plant life.
plant material
They feed on decaying plant material.

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