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poetry /ˈpəʊətri, ˈpəʊɪtri $ ˈpoʊ-/ noun [uncountable]

چامه سرایی ، شعر ، اشعار ، نظم ، لطف شاعرانه ، فن شاعری
Synonyms: verse, poems, rhyme, rhyming
English Thesaurus: poem, sonnet, haiku, limerick, rhyme, ...

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poetry W3 /ˈpəʊətri, ˈpəʊɪtri $ ˈpoʊ-/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: poem, poet, poetry; adverb: poetically; adjective: poetic]

1. poems in general, or the art of writing them ⇒ poem, poet:
He reads a lot of poetry.
a poetry magazine
modern/lyric/love etc poetry
a selection of religious poetry

2. a quality of beauty, gracefulness, and deep feeling
pure/sheer poetry
The way she moves on the court is sheer poetry.
His golf swing is poetry in motion.

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ADJ. good, great | classical | contemporary, modern | 18th-century, etc. | dramatic, epic, heroic, lyric, narrative | Modernist, Romantic, symbolist, etc. | love, pastoral, war, etc.
QUANT. line He began his speech with a few lines of poetry.
piece | anthology, book, collection, volume
VERB + POETRY compose, write | read | recite | learn by heart At school we had to learn a lot of poetry by heart.
POETRY + NOUN book, collection | reading She invited me to one of her poetry readings.
competition, workshop | group
PREP. in ~ an essay on imagery in poetry

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write poetry
I didn't know you wrote poetry.
learn poetry
He made us learn a lot of poetry by heart.
recite poetry (=say it to people from memory)
Occasionally, my father would recite the poetry of Baudelaire.
a piece of poetry
We had to memorize a piece of poetry.
a line of poetry
She often quoted lines of poetry.
a book/volume/collection of poetry
He had two books of poetry published.
a poetry reading (=when poems are read to people, usually by the writer)
I used to like giving poetry readings.
a poetry book
He has just brought out another poetry book.
a poetry anthology (=a book of poems by different people)
a poetry anthology containing work by modern Liverpool poets
English/French/Greek etc poetry
He was a student of English poetry.
modern/contemporary poetry
She finds modern poetry difficult.

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