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pole /pəʊl $ poʊl/ noun [countable]

نیزه پرش با نیزه ، شمع ، پایه ، میله پرچم ، دسته بلند چیزی ، تیر چراغ برق ، قطب دار کردن ، تیردار کردن ، با تیر یا دیرک محکم کردن ، (باحرف بزرگ) لهستانی ، قطب ، علوم مهندسی: دکل ، الکترونیک: نیش ماگنترون ، معماری: دستک ، شیمی: قطب ، نجوم: قطب ، بازرگانی: قطب ، ورزش: چوبدستی اسکی تیرهای عمودی در کنار داخلی مسیر اسبدوانی نیزه پرش ، علوم هوایی: قطب ، علوم نظامی: قطب باطری
الکترونیک: قطب ، شیمی: قطب ، نجوم: قطب ، دکل ، علوم مهندسی: نیزه پرش با نیزه ، چوبدستی اسکی تیرهای عمودی در کنار داخلی مسیر اسبدوانی نیزه پرش ، ورزشی: قطب ، هواپیمایی: قطب ، شمع ، دستک ، معماری: قطب ، تیر ، پایه ، میله پرچم ، قطب باطری ، علوم نظامی: قطب ، نیش ماگنترون ، الکترونیک: قطب ، اقتصاد: دسته بلند چیزی ، تیر چراغ برق ، قطب دار کردن ، تیردار کردن ، با تیر یا دیرک محکم کردن ،( باحرف بزرگ )لهستانی ، قطب

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Synonyms: rod, bar, mast, post, shaft, spar, staff, stick

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Pole noun [countable]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: German; Origin: Polish Poljane 'people who live in fields, Poles', from pole 'field']
someone from Poland

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I. pole1 W3 /pəʊl $ poʊl/ noun [countable]
[Sense 1: Language: Old English; Origin: pal, from Latin palus; pale3]
[Sense 2-5: Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: polus, from Greek polos]

1. STICK/POST a long stick or post usually made of wood or metal, often set upright in the ground to support something:
a telephone pole

2. the most northern or most southern point on a planet, especially the Earth:
the distance from pole to equator
the North/South Pole
Amundsen’s expedition was the first to reach the South Pole.

3. be poles apart two people or things that are poles apart are as different from each other as it is possible to be:
Both are brilliant pianists, though they’re poles apart in style.

4. OPPOSITE IDEAS/BELIEFS one of two situations, ideas, or opinions that are the complete opposite of each other
at one pole/at opposite poles
We have enormous wealth at one pole, and poverty and misery at the other.
Washington and Beijing are at opposite poles (=think in two completely different ways) on this issue.

a) one of two points at the ends of a magnet where its power is the strongest
b) one of the two points at which wires can be attached to a battery in order to use its electricity

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II. pole2 verb [intransitive and transitive] British English
to push a boat along in the water using a pole

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ADJ. North, South | geographic, geomagnetic, magnetic The north magnetic pole lies to the west of the geographic North Pole.
opposite (figurative) The two authors represent the opposite poles of fictional genius
PREP. between the (two) ~s of (figurative) an artistic compromise between the poles of abstraction and representation
from ~ to ~ The meridian is an imaginary line drawn from pole to pole.
PHRASES be poles apart (figurative) In temperament, she and her sister are poles apart (= completely different).

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