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popular /ˈpɒpjələ, ˈpɒpjʊlə $ ˈpɑːpjəposlər/ adjective

عمومی ، دارای وجهه ملی ، مردم پسند ، معروف ، محبوب ، وابسته بتوده مردم ، خلقی ، ملی ، توده پسند ، عوام ، علوم مهندسی: عمومی ، قانون ـ فقه: مردم پسند و مناسب حال مردم ، روانشناسی: رایج ، بازرگانی: مشهور
- well-liked, accepted, approved, fashionable, favourite, in, in demand, in favour, liked, sought-after
- common, conventional, current, general, prevailing, prevalent, universal
Antonyms: unpopular
English Thesaurus: popular, well-liked, big/huge, hot, bestseller, ...

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popular S2 W1 /ˈpɒpjələ, ˈpɒpjʊlə $ ˈpɑːpjəposlər/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: popularityunpopularity, popularization; verb: popularize; adverb: popularly; adjective: popularunpopular]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: popularis, from populus 'people']

1. liked by a lot of people Antonym : unpopular:
Hilary was popular at school.
a popular holiday resort
Coffee is probably the most popular drink in the world.
hugely/enormously/immensely etc popular
Guerrero’s music is hugely popular in Latin America.
popular with/among
The President is very popular with Jewish voters.

2. [only before noun] done by a lot of people in a society, group etc:
the closest popular vote in U.S. presidential history
The government has little popular support among women voters.
Kaplan’s latest recording has received considerable popular acclaim (=it is liked by a lot of people).
popular belief/opinion/view (=a belief, opinion etc that a lot of people have)
a survey of Hispanic-American popular opinion
Contrary to popular belief (=in spite of what many people believe), gorillas are basically shy, gentle creatures.
a popular movement for democracy

3. [only before noun] relating to ordinary people, or intended for ordinary people:
Wintour’s writing is full of references to American popular culture.
Steele was ridiculed by the popular press.pop music

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VERBS be, prove, seem | become | remain | make sth What makes this subject so popular?
ADV. enormously, especially, extremely, genuinely, highly, hugely, immensely, incredibly, massively, particularly, phenomenally, really, vastly, very, wildly | increasingly | less than, not exactly Jack was not exactly popular after the incident with the fire extinguisher.
fairly, pretty, quite, rather, relatively | deservedly a deservedly popular restaurant with all who enjoy Mexican food
instantly He was one of those people who are instantly popular.
always, enduringly, eternally, ever, perennially Seaside holidays are always popular. a concert featuring the ever popular music from Hollywood's silver screen
widely | universally | internationally | personally The prime minister remained personally popular despite his party's disastrous slide in the opinion polls.
PREP. among popular among young people
as These animals are quite popular as pets.
for a restaurant that is popular for light meals
with This area is immensely popular with tourists.

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very popular
She was a very popular teacher.
extremely popular
The restaurant is extremely popular, owing to its high standard of food.
highly popular (=extremely popular)
a highly popular radio station
immensely/hugely/enormously popular
His plays were immensely popular.
wildly popular (=extremely popular – used especially about something that excites people)
These bands are wildly popular in Cuba.
phenomenally popular (=extremely popular, to a degree that is surprising or unusual)
Still her books remain phenomenally popular.
increasingly popular
Business management courses are increasingly popular.
universally popular (=liked by everyone)
Some foods are universally popular.
enduringly/perennially popular (=always popular)
His most enduringly popular film is ‘Singin' in the Rain’.
genuinely popular
He became Russia's first genuinely popular politician in a long time.
popular support
There was widespread popular support for the new law.
popular demand
She will be performing here again next month, by popular demand.
popular belief/opinion
Contrary to popular belief, cats are solitary animals.
the popular view
The popular view bears little relation to the known facts.
a popular misconception (=a wrong idea that many people have)
There is a popular misconception that the town is at the most northerly tip of the country.
the popular vote
He won the presidency with almost 86 percent of the popular vote.
the popular imagination
The characters in the series failed to catch the popular imagination.

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