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practical /ˈpræktɪkəl/ adjective
practical noun [countable]

قابل استفاده ، سودمند ، ازموده ، کارکن ، کابردی ، عملی ، بکار خور ، اهل عمل ، علوم مهندسی: واقعی کارازموده ، عمران: قابل استفاده ، معماری: سودمند ، بازرگانی: عملی
- functional, applied, empirical, experimental, factual, pragmatic, realistic, utilitarian
- sensible, businesslike, down-to-earth, hard-headed, matter-of-fact, ordinary, realistic
- feasible, doable, practicable, serviceable, useful, workable
- skilled, accomplished, efficient, experienced, proficient
Antonyms: impractical, unpractical
Contrasted words: abstract, academic, theoretical
English Thesaurus: last, final, closing, concluding, penultimate, ...

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I. practical1 S3 W2 /ˈpræktɪkəl/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: practical, practicalities, practicalityimpracticality, practicabilityimpracticability; adverb: practicallyimpractically, practicablyimpracticably; adjective: practicableimpracticable, practicalimpractical]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Late Latin; Origin: practicus, from Greek praktikos, from prassein 'to do']

1. REAL relating to real situations and events rather than ideas, emotions etc ⇒ theoretical:
Candidates should have training and practical experience in basic electronics.
the practical problems of old age
They provide financial and practical help for disabled students.
a combination of theoretical and practical training
They haven’t thought about the practical consequences of the new regulations.
In practical terms, this means spending more time with each student.

2. EFFECTIVE practical plans, methods etc are likely to succeed or be effective in a situation Antonym : impractical:
It doesn’t sound like a very practical solution.
a practical way of achieving greater efficiency
Unfortunately, there’s no practical alternative to driving.
a practical guide to buying and selling a house

3. CLEAR THINKING a practical person is good at dealing with problems and making decisions based on what is possible and what will really work Antonym : impractical:
She’s a very practical person.
I was very shocked, but tried to be practical and think what to do.

4. SUITABLE useful or suitable for a particular purpose or situation Antonym : impractical:
Skirts aren’t very practical in my kind of work.

5. USING YOUR HANDS good at repairing or making things:
I’m not very practical – I can’t even change a light bulb.

6. for/to all practical purposes used to say what the real effect of a situation is:
The time you spend on it doesn’t, for all practical purposes, affect the final result.

7. practical certainty/disaster/sell-out etc something that is almost certain, almost a disaster etc:
Sampras looks a practical certainty to win Wimbledon this year.

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II. practical2 noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: practical, practicalities, practicalityimpracticality, practicabilityimpracticability; adverb: practicallyimpractically, practicablyimpracticably; adjective: practicableimpracticable, practicalimpractical]
British English a lesson or examination in science, cooking etc in which you have to do or make something yourself rather than write or read about it:
a chemistry practical

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VERBS be, seem, sound | become
ADV. eminently, extremely, highly, intensely, very | entirely, purely, strictly For entirely practical reasons, children are not invited.
hardly | quite, reasonably | essentially | severely She always adopted a severely practical tone.

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ADJ. chemistry, physics, etc.
VERB + PRACTICAL sit, take | pass | fail I passed the written exam but failed the practical.

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practical experience
You have to gain practical experience before you qualify as a solicitor.
practical work
Archaeology students are required to do a certain amount of practical work.
practical problems/difficulties
The local Social Services Department may be able to help with practical problems.
practical help/support (also practical assistance formal)
There will be trained people available to listen and to provide practical help.
practical advice
The booklets offer clear, practical advice on running your business.
practical use
Knowledge without understanding is of little practical use.
practical considerations
There are a number of practical considerations that must be taken into account when choosing a car.
practical implications
He was well aware of the practical implications of his theory.
in practical terms
In practical terms, the experiment is going to be difficult.

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