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practice /ˈpræktəs, ˈpræktɪs/ noun
practise , practice /ˈpræktəs, ˈpræktɪs/ verb

طرزکار ، تکنیک ، تجربه ، رویه پیشه ، عرف ، رویه ، معمول به ، پیشه ، طرز اجرا ، کاربندی ، عادت ، عمل کردن ، رسم ، (=practise) مشق ، ورزش ، تکرار ، تمرین کردن ، ممارست کردن ، (بکاری) پرداختن ، برزش ، برزیدن ، علوم مهندسی: عادت ، معماری: عادت ، قانون ـ فقه: عمل ، جریان کار در دادگاه ، روانشناسی: شیوه ، ورزش: تمرین ، علوم نظامی: تمرین
- custom, habit, method, mode, routine, rule, system, tradition, usage, way, wont
- rehearsal, drill, exercise, preparation, repetition, study, training
- profession, business, career, vocation, work
- use, action, application, exercise, experience, operation
Antonyms: theory, precept
Related Words: execute, fulfill, perform, follow, pursue, iterate, repeat, procedure, proceeding, process, method, mode, system, use, usefulness, utility, convenance, convention, form, usage
English Thesaurus: habit, mannerism, custom, tradition, practice, ...

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I. practice S2 W1 /ˈpræktəs, ˈpræktɪs/ noun
[Word Family: noun: practice, practitioner; adjective: PRACTISED/PRACTICED, PRACTISING/PRACTICING; verb: PRACTISE/PRACTICE]

1. A SKILL [uncountable and countable] when you do a particular thing, often regularly, in order to improve your skill at it:
It takes hours of practice to learn to play the guitar.
With a little more practice you should be able to pass your test.
We have choir practice on Tuesday evening.
in practice for something
Schumacher crashed out in practice for the Australian grand prix.
football/rugby/basketball etc practice
John’s at baseball practice.
In British English, the verb is always spelled practise (see separate entry). In American English, both noun and verb are spelled practice.

2. in practice used when saying what really happens rather than what should happen or what people think happens:
In practice women receive much lower wages than their male colleagues.
The journey should only take about 30 minutes, but in practice it usually takes more like an hour.

3. SOMETHING DONE OFTEN [uncountable and countable] something that people do often, especially a particular way of doing something or a social or religious custom:
religious beliefs and practices
dangerous working practices
the practice of doing something
the practice of dumping waste into the sea

4. DOCTOR/LAWYER [countable] the work of a doctor or lawyer, or the place where they work
medical/legal practice
Mary Beth had a busy legal practice in Los Angeles.general practice, private practice

5. be common/standard/normal practice to be the usual and accepted way of doing something:
It’s common practice in many countries for pupils to repeat a year if their grades are low.
It’s standard practice to seek parents’ permission wherever possible.

6. good/best/bad practice an example of a good or bad way of doing something, especially in a particular job:
It’s not considered good practice to reveal clients’ names.

7. put something into practice if you put an idea, plan etc into practice, you start to use it and see if it is effective:
It gave him the chance to put his ideas into practice.

8. be out of practice to have not done something for a long time, so that you are not able to do it well

9. practice makes perfect used to say that if you do an activity regularly, you will become very good at it

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II. practise S3 W3 British English, practice American English /ˈpræktəs, ˈpræktɪs/ verb
[Word Family: noun: practice, practitioner; adjective: PRACTISED/PRACTICED, PRACTISING/PRACTICING; verb: PRACTISE/PRACTICE]

1. [intransitive and transitive] to do an activity, often regularly, in order to improve your skill or to prepare for a test:
They moved the furniture back to practise their dance routine.
It gives students the opportunity to practice their speaking skills.
practise doing something
Today we’re going to practise parking.
practise for
She’s practicing for her piano recital.
practise something on somebody
Everybody wants to practise their English on me.

2. [transitive] to use a particular method or custom:
a technique not widely practised in Europe

3. [intransitive and transitive] to work as a doctor or lawyer:
medical graduates who intend to practise in the UK
practise as
Gemma is now practising as a dentist.

4. [transitive] if you practise a religion, system of ideas etc, you live your life according to its rules:
They are free to practice their religion openly.

5. practise what you preach to do the things that you advise other people to do:
She didn’t always practise what she preached.

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I. actual doing of sth
VERB + PRACTICE put sth into I can't wait to put what I've learned into practice.
PREP. in ~ The idea sounds fine in theory, but would it work in practice?

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II. doing sth many times
ADJ. basketball, catching, piano, etc. | target
VERB + PRACTICE do, get (in), have I'll be able to get in a bit of practice this weekend. I've had a lot of practice in saying ‘no’ recently!
need, require, take Don't worry if you can't do it at first?it takes practice!
give sb This chapter gives students practice in using adjectives.
PRACTICE + NOUN ground | game, session
PREP. out of ~ If you don't play regularly you soon get out of practice.
with ~ His accent should improve with practice.
~ at practice at swimming underwater
~ in The children need more practice in tying their shoelaces.
PHRASES be good practice for sth It will be good practice for later, when you have to make speeches in public.

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III. way of doing sth
ADJ. good adopting current best practices in your business
corrupt, sharp, unethical, unfair | discriminatory, restrictive | accepted, common, current, established, normal, standard, universal, usual, widespread It is standard practice not to pay bills until the end of the month.
local | cultural, legal, medical, religious, sexual the medical practices of ancient Egypt
accounting, administrative, business, employment, management, working studying Japanese working practices
VERB + PRACTICE introduce The practice of community policing was introduced in the 1970s.
adopt, follow, use | promote | change, modify Established practices are difficult to modify.
ban, outlaw, prevent, prohibit, stop
PRACTICE + VERB begin | continue the ancient custom of log rolling, a practice which continues to this day
change, develop, evolve
PREP. ~ of the practice of acupuncture
PHRASES a change in/of practice changes in employment practices
a code of practice voluntary codes of practice between sellers and customers
make a practice of sth I don't make a practice of forgetting to pay my bills, I assure you!

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IV. work/office of a professional person
ADJ. successful | legal, medical, professional | general (= medicine of a non-specialized type, not in a hospital), private (= accepting paying patients) | group It's a group practice, so you can easily change doctors.
VERB + PRACTICE be in, go into, set up in She wants to go into general practice.
retire from | suspend sb from He has been suspended from practice, pending legal investigations.
open, start She has opened a new practice in the town.
run He runs a successful legal practice in Ohio.
join A new partner has joined the practice.

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do practice
Have you done your piano practice?
take practice American English (=do practice)
If he’d done badly, he’d go out and take extra batting practice.
have some/more etc practice (=do practice)
I’m not a very good dancer. I haven’t had enough practice.
get some practice
You must get as much practice as possible before the competition.
need practice
She needs more practice.
something takes practice (=you can only learn to do it well by practising)
Writing well takes practice.
football/basketball etc practice
Dale was at football practice.
piano/cello etc practice
I’ve got to do my cello practice.
batting/catching etc practice
We'd better do a bit of batting practice before the game.
choir practice
There's choir practice on Tuesday evening.
band practice
Have you got band practice tonight?
target practice (=practice shooting at something)
The area is used by the army for target practice.
teaching practice
You have to do three months of teaching practice before you qualify.

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BAD: I think it's a great idea and should be put in practice.
GOOD: I think it's a great idea and should be put into practice.

Usage Note:
put sth into practice (NOT in ): 'The aim of the project is to give students the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice.'

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See: in practice also into practice , make a practice of , out of practice

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