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precisely /prɪˈsaɪsli/ adverb

بدقت ، صریحا" ، باصراحت
Synonyms: exactly, absolutely, accurately, correctly, just so, plumb (informal), smack (informal), square, squarely, strictly
Antonyms: imprecisely, approximately
Related Idioms: on the button
English Thesaurus: exactly, precisely, just, right, directly, ...

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precisely S2 W3 AC /prɪˈsaɪsli/ adverb
[Word Family: adjective: preciseimprecise, precision; noun: precisionimprecision; adverb: preciselyimprecisely]

1. exactly and correctly Synonym : exactly:
Temperature can be measured precisely.
He arrived at precisely four o'clock.
precisely what/how/where etc
It is difficult to know precisely how much impact the changes will have.
What, precisely, does that mean?
Lathes make wheels, or, more precisely, they make cylindrical objects.

2. used to emphasize that a particular thing is completely true or correct:
Women in these jobs are paid less precisely because most of the jobs are held by women rather than men.
She’s precisely the kind of person we’re looking for.

3. spoken formal used to say that you agree completely with someone:
‘It needs to be dealt with now.’ ‘Precisely, before it gets any worse.’

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