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progress /ˈprəʊɡres $ ˈprɑː-/ noun [uncountable]
progress /prəˈɡres/ verb

پیشرفت کردن ، پیشرفت ، پیشروی ، حرکت ، ترقی ، جریان ، گردش ، سفر ، عمران: پیشرفت کار ، معماری: پیشرفت ، روانشناسی: پیشرفت ، بازرگانی: پیشرفت ، ترقی
کامپیوتر: پیشرفت

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- development, advance, breakthrough, gain, growth, headway, improvement
- movement, advance, course, passage, way
- in progress: going on, being done, happening, occurring, proceeding, taking place, under way
- develop, advance, gain, grow, improve
- move on, advance, continue, go forward, make headway, proceed, travel
Antonyms: regression, retrogression, retrogress
Related Words: passage
English Thesaurus: progress, advance, breakthrough, make headway, stalemate/deadlock, ...

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I. progress1 S2 W2 /ˈprəʊɡres $ ˈprɑː-/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: progress, progression, progressive; verb: progress; adverb: progressively; adjective: progressive]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: past participle of progredi 'to go forward']

1. the process of getting better at doing something, or getting closer to finishing or achieving something
progress of
The police are disappointed by the slow progress of the investigation.
progress in
There has been significant progress in controlling heart disease.
progress towards
We are making steady progress towards a peaceful settlement.
progress on
Little progress has been made on human rights issues.

2. slow or steady movement somewhere:
We made good progress despite the snow.
progress through
They watched the ship’s slow progress through the heavy seas.

3. change which is thought to lead to a better society, because of developments in science or fairer methods of social organization:
Mankind is destroying the planet, all in the name of progress (=because people want progress).
Under communism, nothing was allowed to get in the way of the great march of progress.

4. in progress formal happening now, and not yet finished:
A lecture was in progress in the main hall.
work/research in progress
They looked in periodically to check the work in progress.

Progress is an uncountable noun. Do not say 'a progress’ or 'progresses’:
She is making good progress (NOT a good progress).

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II. progress2 /prəˈɡres/ verb
[Word Family: noun: progress, progression, progressive; verb: progress; adverb: progressively; adjective: progressive]

1. [intransitive] to improve, develop, or achieve things so that you are then at a more advanced stage Antonym : regress:
I asked the nurse how my son was progressing.
progress to
She started with a cleaning job, and progressed to running the company.
progress towards
We must progress towards full integration of Catholic and Protestant pupils in Ireland.
progress beyond
Last year the team didn’t progress beyond the opening round.

2. [intransitive and transitive] if an activity such as work or a project progresses, or you progress it, it continues:
Work on the ship progressed quickly.
We’re hoping to progress the Lane project more quickly next week.

3. [intransitive] if time or an event progresses, time passes:
As the meeting progressed, Nina grew more and more bored.
Time is progressing, so I’ll be brief.

4. [intransitive] to move forward:
Our taxi seemed to be progressing very slowly.

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I. movement forwards
ADJ. considerable, dramatic, encouraging, excellent, genuine, good, great, impressive, real, remarkable, significant, substantial | fast, rapid, swift | inexorable | slow, stately We watched the ship's stately progress out of the harbour.
satisfactory, steady | further | academic, educational
VERB + PROGRESS achieve, make | assess, chart, check (on), evaluate, monitor, observe, review, trace, track, watch Regular tests enable the teacher to monitor the progress of each child.
block, hamper, hinder, impede, obstruct, slow (down) | halt, stop | accelerate, facilitate
PREP. in ~ There was a cricket match in progress.
~ from … to … The book traced his steady progress from petty theft to serious crime.
~ in He's making good progress in maths.
~ on How much progress have the builders made on the extension?
~ towards Who can halt Woods' inexorable progress towards yet another championship?
~ with She's making steady progress with her thesis.
PHRASES a lack of progress I was frustrated by my apparent lack of progress when I started the violin.
a rate of progress At the present rate of progress we won't be finished before July.
work in progress I have one file for completed work and one for work in progress.

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II. improvement in society
ADJ. economic, evolutionary, industrial, medical, scientific, social, technical, technological | human
VERB + PROGRESS hold back
PHRASES the march of progress the onward march of technological progress

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ADV. satisfactorily, smoothly, well The talks are progressing very well.
further He felt he still needed to progress further in his learning.
rapidly progressing rapidly in his chosen career
slowly The work is progressing quite slowly.
PREP. beyond Samir failed to progress beyond this first step on the ladder.
from, through allowing students to progress through the stages of the course
to She soon progressed from the basics to more difficult work.
towards slowly progressing towards a new kind of art
up his ambition to progress up the career ladder
with They are keen to progress with the scheme.

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make progress
The country has made significant economic progress.
hinder sb’s progress (=make it slower)
Language problems might hinder a child’s progress at school.
achieve progress
The talks ended with no real progress having been achieved.
check (on) sb’s progress
A social worker calls regularly to check on the children’s progress.
follow/monitor/chart sb’s progress (=keep checking it)
Throughout the night, doctors charted his progress.
assess/evaluate/review sb’s progress
We appraise the work and evaluate each student’s individual progress.
The task remains difficult and progress has been slow.
Steady progress has been made towards our objectives.
He is out of hospital and making good progress.
The investigation is making rapid progress.
significant/real progress
Significant progress has been made in reducing nuclear weapons.
great progress
Scientists have made great progress in the last four years.
substantial/considerable progress
2007 was a year of substantial progress for the company.
satisfactory progress
The two students who fell behind are now making satisfactory progress.

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BAD: We have made a great progress in the field of medicine.
GOOD: We have made great progress in the field of medicine.

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̘. ̈n.ˈprəuɡrəs
See: in progress

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