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promote /prəˈməʊt $ -ˈmoʊt/ verb [transitive]

تاسیس کردن ، توسعه دادن ، بالا بردن ، ترفیع دادن ، ترقی دادن ، ترویج کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: ترفیع دادن ، بازرگانی: ترویج دادن ، علوم نظامی: ترفیع دادن درجه دادن
- help, advance, aid, assist, back, boost, encourage, forward, foster, support
- raise, elevate, exalt, upgrade
- advertise, hype, plug (informal), publicize, push, sell
Antonyms: bump, demote, disparage
Contrasted words: break, bust, declass, degrade, demerit, disgrade, disrate, downgrade, reduce, belittle, decry, depreciate, discredit, knock, run down
Related Idioms: make much of
Related Words: ballyhoo, propagandize, build up, cry, hype, press-agent, publicize, puff, communicate, impart
English Thesaurus: advertise, promote, market, publicize, hype, ...

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promote S3 W2 AC /prəˈməʊt $ -ˈmoʊt/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: promotion, promoter; verb: promote; adjective: promotional]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: past participle of promovere 'to move forward']

1. ENCOURAGE to help something to develop or increase:
a meeting to promote trade between Taiwan and the UK
Fertilizer promotes leaf growth.

2. BETTER JOB [usually passive] to give someone a better more responsible job in a company Antonym : demote
promote somebody to something
Helen was promoted to senior manager.

3. SELL to help sell a new product, film etc by offering it at a reduced price or by advertising it:
She’s in London to promote her new book.

4. SPORT [usually passive] British English if a sports team is promoted, they play in a better group of teams the next year Antonym : relegate
promote somebody to something
They have been promoted to the First Division.

5. PERSUADE to try to persuade people to support or use something:
John Major promoted the idea of a classless society.

6. ARRANGE to be responsible for arranging a large public event such as a concert or a sports game

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I. encourage sth
ADV. strongly The idea of equal opportunities was strongly promoted by many Labour MPs.
actively, directly | indirectly | deliberately, intentionally They claimed that the authorities had deliberately promoted and condoned the violence.
VERB + PROMOTE aim to, seek to, try to | help (to) Basketball stars from the United States have helped promote the sport in Italy and Spain.
be designed to measures designed to promote economic growth
be likely to | serve to, tend to Bonus payments to staff serve to promote commitment to the company.
PREP. through Young people's awareness of agricultural issues is promoted through publicity material.
PHRASES be aimed at promoting sth, be widely promoted, a campaign/scheme to promote sth, efforts/measures to promote sth

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II. advertise sth
ADV. aggressively, heavily The new products have been very heavily promoted.
PREP. as The town is now being promoted as a holiday destination.
through The company's products have been promoted mainly through advertising in newspapers.

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