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proportion /prəˈpɔːʃən $ -ˈpɔːr-/ noun

نسبت ، درجه ، سهم ، قسمت ، قیاس ، شباهت ، مقدار ، قرینه ، متناسب کردن ، متقارن کردن ، علوم مهندسی: نسبت ، معماری: تناسب ، روانشناسی: نسبت ، ورزش: تناسب
مهندسی صنایع: سهم ، تناسب

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- relative amount, ratio, relationship
- balance, congruity, correspondence, harmony, symmetry
- part, amount, division, fraction, percentage, quota, segment, share
- proportions: dimensions, capacity, expanse, extent, size, volume
Antonyms: disproportion
English Thesaurus: amount, quantity, volume, level, proportion, ...

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I. proportion1 S2 W2 AC /prəˈpɔːʃən $ -ˈpɔːr-/ noun
[Word Family: adverb: proportionally, proportionately; adjective: proportional, proportionate; verb: proportion; noun: proportion]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: Latin proportio, from portio; portion1]

1. PART OF SOMETHING [C usually singular also + plural verb British English] a part of a number or an amount, considered in relation to the whole
proportion of
The proportion of women graduates has increased in recent years.
Every parent is asked to contribute a proportion of the total cost.
high/large/small etc proportion
The decision affects a significant proportion of the population.
Although the majority of offenders are men, a small proportion – about five percent – are women.

2. RELATIONSHIP [uncountable and countable] the relationship between two things in size, amount, importance etc
the proportion of something to something
What’s the proportion of boys to girls in your class?
in proportion to something
The rewards you get in this job are in direct proportion to the effort you put in.

3. CORRECT SCALE [uncountable] the correct or most suitable relationship between the size, shape, or position of the different parts of something:
Builders must learn about scale and proportion.
in proportion
Reduce the drawing so that all the elements stay in proportion.
in proportion to something
Her feet are small in proportion to her height.
out of proportion with something
The porch is out of proportion with (=too big or too small when compared with) the rest of the house.

4. proportions [plural]
a) the size or importance of something:
Try to reduce your tasks to more manageable proportions.
of immense/huge/massive etc proportions
an ecological tragedy of enormous proportions
of epic/heroic/mythic proportions
For most of us, Scott was a hero of mythic proportions.
crisis/epidemic proportions
The flu outbreak has reached epidemic proportions.
b) the relative sizes of the different parts of a building, object etc:
a building of classic proportions
the elegant proportions of the living room

5. out of (all) proportion too big, great, or strong in relation to something
out of (all) proportion to/with
The fear of violent crime has now risen out of all proportion to the actual risk.
get/blow something out of proportion (=treat something as more serious than it really is)
Aren’t you getting things rather out of proportion?
The whole issue has been blown out of all proportion.

6. keep something in proportion to react to a situation sensibly, and not think that it is worse or more serious than it really is ⇒ perspective:
Let’s keep things in proportion.

7. sense of proportion the ability to judge what is most important in a situation
have/keep/lose a sense of proportion
You can protest by all means, but keep a sense of proportion.

8. MATHEMATICS [uncountable] technical equality in the mathematical relationship between two sets of numbers, as in the statement ‘8 is to 6 as 32 is to 24’ ⇒ ratio

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II. proportion2 verb [transitive usually passive] formal
[Word Family: adverb: proportionally, proportionately; adjective: proportional, proportionate; verb: proportion; noun: proportion]
to put something in a particular relationship with something else according to their relative size, amount, position etc
proportion something to something
The amount of damages awarded are proportioned to the degree of injury caused.

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I. part/share of a whole
ADJ. appreciable, considerable, fair, good, great, high, huge, large, overwhelming, significant, sizeable, substantial | reasonable | low, small | minute, negligible, tiny | certain | equal The company employs men and women in roughly equal proportions.
equivalent, similar | different, differing, varying | fixed | exact | approximate | average | overall | growing, increasing, rising | declining, decreasing, diminishing
VERB + PROPORTION express sth as The chart shows government spending expressed as a proportion of national income.
grow as, increase as, rise as | decline as, decrease as, diminish as, fall as The unskilled section of the working class was diminishing as a proportion of the workforce.
PROPORTION + VERB grow, increase, rise | decline, decrease, fall

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II. relationship between the size/amount of two things
ADJ. correct | direct | inverse The human population in the region is expanding in inverse proportion to the wildlife.
VERB + PROPORTION keep sth in Try to keep your view of the situation in proportion (= not think it is more serious than it is).
PREP. in ~ (to) The cost of insurance increases in proportion to the performance of the car.
out of ~ (to) The costs of the plan are out of proportion to the budget available.
~ of sth to sth The proportion of sand to cement used was three to one.
PHRASES out of all proportion The problem has been exaggerated out of all proportion.
a sense of proportion Try to keep a sense of proportion (= of the relative importance of different things).

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III. proportions: size and shape of sth
ADJ. enormous, epic, extraordinary, gargantuan, generous, gigantic, heroic, huge, immense, major, mammoth, massive, monumental, staggering | modest | manageable, unmanageable The computer brings the huge task of stock control down to more manageable proportions.
alarming | crisis, epidemic | classic, elegant, fine, noble, perfect There is an entrance hall of perfect proportions, twice as long as it is wide.
VERB + PROPORTION reach The food shortage had reached crisis proportions.

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enormous/massive/gigantic etc proportions
The company is heading towards a disaster of enormous proportions.
epidemic proportions (=very great size, especially in a particular place)
Shoplifting has reached epidemic proportions.
epic proportions (=very great size or importance)
An argument of epic proportions had ensued.
mythic proportions (=a size or importance that seems almost unreal)
Achieving this was a feat of mythic proportions.
historic proportions (=a size or importance that only rarely happens)
We were trapped for three days by a blizzard of historic proportions.
crisis proportions (=a size that causes very serious problems)
The water shortage was reaching crisis proportions.
manageable proportions (=a size that is easy to deal with)
First, narrow the choice down to more manageable proportions.
reach epidemic etc proportions
Alcohol abuse has reached epidemic proportions in this country.
grow to enormous etc proportions
The fish grows to gigantic proportions.
assume epidemic etc proportions formal (=become or seem very great)
Unless you deal with it quickly, the damage may assume serious proportions.
reduce something to manageable etc proportions
The disease had been reduced to negligible proportions by vaccination.

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BAD: The country's small food supply is not proportion about the size of the population.
GOOD: The country's food supply is small in proportion to the size of the population.

Usage Note:
Something is small/large etc in proportion to/with something else: 'Her feet are very small in proportion to the rest of her body.'

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