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proposal /prəˈpəʊzəl $ -ˈpoʊ-/ noun [countable]

طرح پیشنهادی ، اظهار ، ابراز ، قانون ـ فقه: پیشنهاد ، روانشناسی: پیشنهاد ، بازرگانی: پیشنهاد
کامپیوتر: ابزار پزشکی: پیش طرح

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Synonyms: suggestion, bid, offer, plan, presentation, programme, project, recommendation, scheme
Related Words: motion, recommendation, idea, plan, project, outline, scheme
English Thesaurus: suggestion, proposal, recommendatio

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proposal S2 W1 /prəˈpəʊzəl $ -ˈpoʊ-/ noun [countable]

1. a plan or suggestion which is made formally to an official person or group, or the act of making it ⇒ propose
proposal for
the government’s proposals for regulation of the industry
proposal to do something
The committee put forward a proposal to reduce the time limit.
proposal that
They rejected proposals that the President should be directly elected.

2. when you ask someone to marry you
marriage proposal/proposal of marriage
She politely declined his proposal of marriage.

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I. plan
ADJ. concrete | detailed | controversial | compromise | peace, reform, research, etc.
QUANT. package, set The government outlined a new set of proposals on human rights.
VERB + PROPOSAL formulate | outline | bring forward, make, put forward, submit | accept, back, support, welcome I welcome the proposal to reduce taxes for the poorly paid.
block, oppose, reject, vote against | push through The government could face defeat if it tries to push through the controversial proposals.
drop, withdraw | consider, discuss
PREP. ~ concerning/relating to proposals concerning the use of land
~ for The Ministry submitted a proposal for lower speed limits on motorways.
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II. offer of marriage
VERB + PROPOSAL make | receive | accept She accepted his proposal of marriage.
turn down
PHRASES a proposal of marriage

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make a proposal
I'd like to make a proposal.
put forward/submit a proposal
They put forward a proposal for a joint research project.
come up with a proposal (=think of one)
The sales staff came up with an innovative proposal.
draw up a proposal
A committee of experts drew up proposals for a constitution.
approve/accept a proposal
The proposal was approved by the committee.
support/back a proposal
Not one of these organizations supports the government's proposals.
reject a proposal
Councillors had twice rejected proposals for a new village school.
consider a proposal
We shall consider their proposals carefully.
discuss a proposal
He had discussed the proposal with the Egyptian president.
vote on a proposal
Shareholders will vote on the proposal on May 5.
a detailed proposal
They drew up a detailed proposal and submitted it to the Department of Energy.
a specific/concrete proposal
The report will make specific proposals for further investigation.
a research proposal
Applicants should submit a short research proposal on their chosen topic.
a budget/tax proposal (=a budget/tax plan)
Criticism of the budget proposals was voiced by the International Monetary Fund.
a peace proposal (=a plan to achieve peace)
The Israeli government responded positively to the US peace proposals.
a formal proposal
Schools made formal written proposals.

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BAD: The proposal of building a new motorway received little support.
GOOD: The proposal to build a new motorway received little support.

Usage Note:
proposal to do sth : 'The proposal to close the hospital was rejected.'

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