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prove /pruːv/ verb (past tense proved, past participle proved or proven /ˈpruːvən/)

Irregular Forms: (proven)

استدلال کردن ، ثابت کردن ، در امدن ، قانون ـ فقه: اثبات کردن ، بازرگانی: به اثبات رسانیدن
مهندسی صنایع: ثابت کردن ، آشکار نمودن

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- verify, authenticate, confirm, demonstrate, determine, establish, justify, show, substantiate
- test, analyse, assay, check, examine, try
- turn out, come out, end up, result
Antonyms: disprove, refute
Related Words: confirm, corroborate, substantiate, verify, argue, attest, bespeak, betoken, indicate
English Thesaurus: confirm, prove, back up, support, bear something out, ...

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prove S2 W1 /pruːv/ verb (past tense proved, past participle proved or proven /ˈpruːvən/ especially American English)
[Word Family: verb: provedisprove; noun: proof; adjective: provenunproven]
[Date: 1100-1200; Language: Old French; Origin: prover, from Latin probare; probe2]

1. SHOW SOMETHING IS TRUE [transitive] to show that something is true by providing facts, information etc ⇒ proof:
You’re wrong, and I can prove it.
prove (that)
Tests have proved that the system works.
prove something to somebody
I knew he had done it, but there was no way I could prove it to Eddie.
prove sb’s guilt/innocence
He claims the police destroyed records that could prove the officer’s guilt.
prove somebody wrong/innocent etc
They say I’m too old, but I’m going to prove them all wrong.
To prove his point (=show that he was right), he mentioned several other experiments which had produced similar results.
You prove something to someone: I will prove to you (NOT prove you) that I’m right.

2. BE [linking verb] if someone or something proves difficult, helpful, a problem etc, they are difficult, helpful, a problem etc:
The recent revelations may prove embarrassing to the President.
prove to be something
The design proved to be a success.

3. prove yourself/prove something (to somebody) to show how good you are at doing something:
When I first started this job, I felt I had to prove myself.

4. prove yourself (to be) something to show other people that you are a particular type of person:
She’s proved herself to be a very reliable worker.

5. what is somebody trying to prove? spoken said when you are annoyed by someone’s actions and do not understand them

6. prove a point if someone does something to prove a point, they do it to show that they are right or that they can do something:
I’m not going to run the marathon just to prove a point.

7. BREAD [intransitive] if dough (=unbaked bread mixture) proves, it rises and becomes light because of the yeast in it

8. LAW [transitive] law to show that a will has been made in the correct way
—provable adjective

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ADV. conclusively, definitively All this proves conclusively that she couldn't have known the truth.
just Their behaviour just proves my point.
VERB + PROVE be difficult to, be impossible to | be easy to | be able to | try to What are you trying to prove?
be determined to | have sth to I certainly don't have anything to prove?my record speaks for itself.
PREP. to He tried to prove his theory to his friends.
PHRASES a chance to prove sth, prove sb right/wrong I was determined to prove my critics wrong.

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prove somebody's guilt/innocence
There was no way she could prove her innocence.
prove the existence of something
These pictures do not prove the existence of water on Mars.
prove a theory
No evidence emerged to prove either theory.
prove your case
The state had failed to prove its case.
prove your point
To prove her point, Dr Hurdal showed her audience a scan of a patient's brain.
prove somebody wrong/right
See if you can prove me wrong.
prove somebody guilty/innocent
The law states that you are innocent until proved guilty.

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