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provide /prəˈvaɪd/ verb [transitive]

تهیه کردن ، اماده کردن ، تهیه دیدن ، وسیله فراهم کردن ، میسر ساختن ، تامین کردن ، توشه دادن ، تهیه کردن ، مقرر داشتن ، تدارک دیدن ، بازرگانی: عرضه کردن ، علوم نظامی: در دسترس قراردادن دراختیار قراردادن
کامپیوتر: تهیه کردن

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- supply, cater, equip, furnish, outfit, purvey, stock up
- give, add, afford, bring, impart, lend, present, produce, render, serve, yield
- provide for or against: take precautions, anticipate, forearm, plan ahead, plan for, prepare for
- provide for: support, care for, keep, maintain, sustain, take care of

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provide S1 W1 /prəˈvaɪd/ verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: provider, provision, provisions; verb: provide, provision; adverb: provisionally; adjective: provisional]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: providere 'to see ahead, provide', from videre 'to see']

1. to give something to someone or make it available to them, because they need it or want it ⇒ provision:
Tea and biscuits will be provided.
provide something for somebody
The hotel provides a shoe-cleaning service for guests.
provide somebody with something
The project is designed to provide young people with work.
Do not say ‘provide someone something’. Say provide someone with something.

2. to produce something useful as a result:
We are hoping the enquiry will provide an explanation for the accident.
provide somebody with something
The search provided the police with several vital clues.

3. provide that formal if a law or rule provides that something must happen, it states that it must happen
provide against something phrasal verb formal
to make plans in order to deal with a bad situation that might happen:
Health insurance will provide against loss of income if you become ill.
provide for somebody/something phrasal verb

1. to give someone the things they need to live, such as money, food etc:
Without work, how can I provide for my children?

2. formal if a law, rule, or plan provides for something, it states that something will be done and makes it possible for it to be done:
The new constitution provides for a 650-seat legislature.

3. formal to make plans in order to deal with something that might happen in the future:
Commanders failed to provide for an attack by sea.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

ADV. kindly a buffet supper, kindly provided by club members
free (of charge) Careers advice is provided free of charge.
VERB + PROVIDE be able to, can/could | aim to, seek to, try to trying to provide the best possible medical care
fail to | be designed to, be intended to The scheme was intended to provide financial help to unemployed workers.
be expected to, be likely/unlikely to The report was not expected to provide any answers.
PREP. for providing food and shelter for the refugees
with He provided us with a lot of useful information.

[TahlilGaran] Collocations Dictionary

BAD: My job provides me the opportunity to meet new people every day.
GOOD: My job provides me with the opportunity to meet new people every day.

Usage Note:
provide sb with sth : 'Money from the aid programme will be used to provide the farmers with better tools.'

BAD: The government does not provide enough food to the population.
GOOD: The government does not provide enough food for the population.
BAD: I was very pleased with the room you provided to me.
GOOD: I was very pleased with the room you provided for me.

Usage Note:
provide sth for sb/sth : 'The hotel also provides facilities for business meetings and conferences.'

BAD: In my view, a father should provide his family.
GOOD: In my view, a father should provide for his family.

Usage Note:
provide for sb = support someone by paying for all their food, clothes etc: 'How can you provide for your children when you don't have a job?'

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