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publicity /pʌˈblɪsəti, pʌˈblɪsɪti/ noun [uncountable]

تبلیغ ، شهرت ، تبلیغات ، قانون ـ فقه: انتشار ، روانشناسی: تبلیغ
Synonyms: advertising, attention, boost, hype, plug (informal), press, promotion
Related Words: broadcasting, promulgation, skywriting, réclame, announcement, write-up, blurb, commercial, plug, promo, puff, ballyhoo, hoopla, propaganda, hard sell

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publicity S3 W3 /pʌˈblɪsəti, pʌˈblɪsɪti/ noun [uncountable]
[Word Family: noun: public, publication, publicist, publicity; verb: publicize; adverb: publicly; adjective: public]

1. the attention that someone or something gets from newspapers, television etc:
Standards in education have received much publicity over the last few years.
bad/good/unwelcome etc publicity
It’s important to gain good publicity for the school.
The adverse publicity had damaged sales.

2. the business of making sure that people know about a new product, film etc or what a particular famous person is doing:
Who’s going to do the show’s publicity?
The Government has launched a publicity campaign.
Is their much-reported romance just a publicity stunt (=something that is only done to get publicity)?

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I. media attention
ADJ. considerable, enormous, extensive, greater, wide, widespread The papers have begun to give greater publicity to the campaign against GM food.
maximum The release of the report was timed to generate maximum publicity.
favourable, good, positive | adverse, bad, negative, unfavourable, unwelcome | free | international, local, national
VERB + PUBLICITY give sb/sth | gain, get, receive | attract, generate | seek | avoid, shun
PUBLICITY + VERB surround sth There was a lot of negative publicity surrounding the film.
PREP. ~ about There has been a lot of unfavourable publicity about the hospital.
~ for Taking part in the event will be good publicity for our school.
~ over The firm had received bad publicity over a defective product.
PHRASES amid/amidst a storm of publicity The chairman resigned amid a storm of publicity over the bonus payments.
a blaze of publicity The film stars were married in a blaze of publicity.
the glare of publicity He carried on his life in the full glare of publicity.

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II. advertising
ADJ. advance
PUBLICITY + NOUN material, photograph, shot He's better-looking in his publicity shots than he is in real life.
campaign | stunt The actress denied that her marriage was just a publicity stunt.
agent, officer | machine The record company's publicity machine was working flat out.
PREP. ~ about I read some publicity about vaccinations while waiting my turn at the doctor's.
~ for There have been months of advance publicity for the show.
PHRASES a lack of publicity

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bad publicity (also adverse/negative publicity formal)
Fatty foods have received much bad publicity in recent years.
They don't want any more adverse publicity.
good publicity
Top exam results are good publicity for schools.
free publicity
Giving away samples is one way of getting free publicity for your products.
widespread/wide publicity
The scandal had received widespread publicity.
national publicity
Candidates aim to get national publicity during election campaigns.
considerable/massive/extensive publicity
The opening of the trial generated considerable publicity.
maximum publicity
Throughout the strike, the workers achieved maximum publicity for their demands.
unwelcome publicity
Their relationship had attracted unwelcome publicity.
get publicity (also receive publicity)
Climate change is getting a lot of publicity.
Such studies have received a lot of publicity.
attract publicity
Two recommendations in the report have attracted publicity.
gain publicity
Appearing on a chat show means you gain publicity.
generate publicity
The publication of the book generated an enormous amount of publicity.
give publicity to something
Much publicity was given to their allegations in the British press.
avoid publicity
They wanted to settle the matter quietly in order to avoid bad publicity.
shun publicity
He lives quietly in Acton with his wife and two sons and shuns publicity.
seek publicity
He sought neither reward nor publicity for his work.
the glare of publicity (=a lot of publicity, which can make you feel uncomfortable)
He carried on his life in the full glare of publicity.
a blaze of publicity (=a lot of publicity)
His marriage broke up in a blaze of publicity.

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BAD: I think governments should ban the publicity of tobacco.
GOOD: I think governments should ban the advertising of tobacco.

Usage Note:
If something is given publicity , there is an attempt to inform the public about it: 'Scandals involving prominent politicians always receive widespread publicity.'
Advertising is the activity of trying to persuade people to buy something: 'The big software companies spend millions each year on advertising.'

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