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pure /pjʊə $ pjʊr/ adjective

پاک ، تمیز ، محض ، ناب ، ژاو ، (نژاد) اصیل ، خالص کردن ، پالایش کردن ، بیغش ، عمران: خالص ، روانشناسی: خالص ، بازرگانی: مطلق ، علوم هوایی: خالص
- unmixed, authentic, flawless, genuine, natural, neat, real, simple, straight, unalloyed
- clean, germ-free, sanitary, spotless, squeaky-clean, sterilized, uncontaminated, unpolluted, untainted, wholesome
- innocent, blameless, chaste, impeccable, modest, uncorrupted, unsullied, virginal, virtuous
- complete, absolute, outright, sheer, thorough, unmitigated, unqualified, utter
Antonyms: impure, immoral
Contrasted words: mixed, qualified, doubtful, dubious, questionable, uncertain, contaminated, dirty, sullied
Related Idioms: as pure as the driven snow
Related Words: complete, plenary, total, authentic, genuine, classic, out-and-out, plain, utter, fresh, inviolate, unblighted, unprofaned
English Thesaurus: clean, pure, sterile, spotless, pristine, ...

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pure S3 W3 /pjʊə $ pjʊr/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: purification, purist, purityimpurity, purifier; verb: purify; adverb: purely; adjective: pureimpure]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: pur, from Latin purus]

1. NOT MIXED [usually before noun] a pure substance or material is not mixed with anything Antonym : impure
pure silk/cotton/wool etc
pure wool blankets
rings made of pure gold
Our beef patties are 100% pure.

2. COMPLETE [only before noun] complete and total Synonym : sheer:
a work of pure genius
a smile of pure joy
My mother’s life was pure hell.
pure chance/luck/coincidence etc
By pure chance, I met Sir Malcolm that morning.
The chairman dismissed the report as pure speculation.

3. CLEAN clean and not containing anything harmful Antonym : impure:
We had trouble finding a pure water supply.
Up here the air was purer.

4. pure and simple used to emphasize that there is only one thing involved or worth considering:
He wanted revenge, pure and simple.

5. MORALLY GOOD literary without any sexual experience or evil thoughts Antonym : impure:
a pure young girl
They’re too pure and innocent to know what’s really going on.

6. COLOUR OR SOUND very clear and beautiful:
a cloudless sky of the purest blue
Her voice, clear and pure, soared up to the roof.

7. TYPICAL [only before noun] typical of a particular style:
His music is pure New York.

8. BREED/RACE bred from only one group or race:
My husband is pure Japanese and traces his family back 800 years.
The Highland is the oldest and purest breed of cattle in Britain.

9. ART OR STUDY [usually before noun] done according to an accepted standard or pattern:
Gothic architecture in its purest form

10. pure science/maths etc work in science etc that increases our knowledge of the subject rather than using it for practical purposes

11. be as pure as the driven snow to be morally perfect – used humorously to say someone is not like this at all

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pure chance/luck
He had discovered the truth by pure chance.
pure coincidence
It was pure coincidence that I arrived on the same plane.
pure joy/pleasure/delight
Lucinda flashed him a smile of pure joy.
pure hatred
She remembered the look of pure hatred in his eyes.
pure speculation (=a guess that is not based on any facts)
Most of what you hear is pure speculation.
pure fantasy/fiction (=something that is not true at all)
He dismissed the allegations as ‘pure fantasy’.
pure genius
That excuse you came up with was a flash of pure genius.
pure hell
He has described this period as ‘pure hell’.

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BAD: We opened the window to get some pure air.
GOOD: We opened the window to get some fresh air.
BAD: I always keep a few bottles of pure water on the boat.
GOOD: I always keep a few bottles of fresh/drinking water on the boat.

Usage Note:
Use pure when you mean 'completely clean': 'The water in the lake is so pure that you can drink it.'
The usual word for describing air and water is fresh : 'Her doctor has prescribed a good holiday and lots of fresh air.'

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