put about
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(در مورد کشتی) تغییر مسیر دادن ، تغییر جهت دادن ، برگشتن ، پریشان شدن
put about
Synonyms: inconvenience, discommode, disconvenience, disoblige, incommode, put out, trouble

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put about phrasal verb (see also put)

1. put something about British English informal to give other people news or information, especially when it is unpleasant or untrue:
After he was fired, he put it about that he was fed up with working for such a large company.

2. put (something) about technical if a ship puts about or if you put it about, it changes direction

3. put yourself about British English informal to have sexual relationships with a lot of different people

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put about
v. phr.
Nautical usage. To turn in the opposite direction; turn around.
When we saw the storm clouds thickening in the sky, we put about quickly and raced ashore.

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