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put /pʊt/ verb (past tense and past participle put, present participle putting) [transitive]

قرار دادن ، مطرح کردن ، ارائه یا توضیح دادن ، تحمیل کردن بر (با) to ، عذاب دادن ، تقدیم داشتن ، ارائه دادن ، دراصطلاح یاعبارت خاصی قراردادن ، ترجمه کردن ، تعبیرکردن ، عازم کاری شدن ، بفعالیت پرداختن ، بکاربردن ، منصوب کردن واداشتن ، ترغیب کردن ، متصف کردن ، فرض کردن ، ثبت کردن ، تعویض کردن ، انداختن ، پرتاب ، سعی ، مستقر ، کامپیوتر: گذاشتن ، قانون ـ فقه: پیش رفتن ، ورزش: پرتاب وزنه
الکترونیک: قرار دادن ، گذاشتن ، کامپیوتر: مطرح کردن ، ارایه یا توضیح دادن ، پیش رفتن ، حقوق: پرتاب وزنه ، ورزشی: ، قراردادن ، تحمیل کردن بر(با)to، عذاب دادن ، تقدیم داشتن ، ارایه دادن ، دراصطلاح یاعبارت خاصی قراردادن ، ترجمه کردن ، تعبیرکردن ، عازم کاری شدن ، بفعالیت پرداختن ، بکاربردن ، منصوب کردن واداشتن ، ترغیب کردن ، متصف کردن ، فرض کردن ، ثبت کردن ، تعویض کردن ، انداختن ، پرتاب ، سعی ، مستقر

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- place, deposit, lay, position, rest, set, settle, situate
- express, phrase, state, utter, word
- throw, cast, fling, heave, hurl, lob, pitch, toss
English Thesaurus: place, position, point, spot, location, ...

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put S1 W1 /pʊt/ verb (past tense and past participle put, present participle putting) [transitive]
[Language: Old English; Origin: putian]

1. MOVE TO PLACE [always + adverb/preposition] to move something to a particular place or position, especially using your hands Synonym : place:
He put the coffee on the table.
Where did you put the programmes? see Thesaurus box on P.1414

2. CHANGE SB’S SITUATION/FEELINGS [always + adverb/preposition] to change someone’s situation or the way they feel:
Don’t put yourself into a situation you can’t handle.
put somebody in a good/bad etc mood (=make them feel happy/annoyed etc)
The long delay had put us all in a bad mood.
I don’t want to put you in danger.
Pit closures have put thousands of miners out of a job (=made them lose their job).
put somebody in control/command/charge etc (=give someone authority over a group, activity, or organization)
His boss resigned and Murphy was put in charge.
Politics puts me to sleep.
A knee injury put him out of action for three months.

3. WRITE/PRINT SOMETHING to write or print something or to make a mark with a pen or pencil
put something in/on/under etc something
Put your name at the top of each answer sheet.
put something to something
He put his signature to the contract (=he signed it to show he agreed with it).

4. EXPRESS [always + adverb/preposition] to say or write something using words in a particular way
put something well/cleverly/simply etc
The question was well put.
So it was an accident, an ‘act of God’ if you want to put it like that.
When women joined the organization, it ‘took on a new look', as news reports put it.
It is hard to put into words (=express) how I feel now.
He’s not very musical, to put it mildly (=he’s not musical at all).
We get on each other’s nerves, to put it bluntly (=to say exactly what I mean).
It’s fairly risky. Or to put it another way (=say it in different words), don’t try this at home.
The subject matter makes the painting a little, how shall I put it (=how can I say it politely?), undesirable for public display.

5. put a stop/an end to something to stop an activity that is harmful or unacceptable:
We must put an end to their threats.

6. put something into action/effect/practice to start using a plan, idea, knowledge etc:
James was keen to put some of the things he had learned into practice.

7. ASK/SUGGEST to ask a question or make a suggestion, especially to get someone’s opinion or agreement
put a proposition/proposal/case etc to somebody
He put the proposal to his wife.
put something before somebody
The budget was put before the board of directors.
Can I put a question to you?
I put it to you that this proposal has to be considered.

8. put something right to make a situation better, especially after someone has made a mistake or behaved badly:
He has a chance to put things right by admitting a mistake was made.

9. put somebody straight/right (also set somebody straight/right) to tell someone the true facts when they have made a mistake that annoys you:
A young man was in here asking for ‘Miss’ Whalby, but I put him right on that one.

10. put something straight to make something look clean and tidy:
It took us all weekend to put the garden straight.

11. MAKE SOMEBODY/SOMETHING DO SOMETHING to make someone or something work or do something, or to use it:
a scheme to put unemployed people to work on government construction projects
If you have a spare room, put it to work for you – take in a lodger.
Computer games are being put to use in the classroom.
We put 15 rain jackets to the test (=we tested them).

12. HAVE IMPORTANCE/QUALITY [always + adverb/preposition] to consider something as having a particular level of importance or quality
put somebody as/among/in etc something
A recent poll put Dr Martens among the world’s top thirty designer labels.
put somebody/something before somebody/something
Some companies put profit before safety.
put somebody/something first/second etc
The job’s important to him, but he puts his family first.

13. SEND SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE [always + adverb/preposition] to arrange for someone to go to a place, or to make them go there
put somebody in (something)
The company is putting in new management.
Pneumonia put him in the hospital for a week.
Put the boys to bed around eight o'clock.

14. put somebody on a train/plane etc to take someone to a plane, train etc to start a journey:
I put her on the plane for London.

15. put paid to something British English to spoil and end your hopes or plans completely:
A car accident put paid to his chances of taking part in the race.

16. I wouldn’t put it past somebody (to do something) spoken used to say that you think someone could easily do something wrong or illegal:
I wouldn’t put it past him to use force.

17. put somebody to trouble/inconvenience especially British English to make extra work or cause problems for someone

18. put it there spoken used to tell someone to put their hand in yours, either as a greeting or after making an agreement with them:
$500? OK, it’s a deal. Put it there!

19. THROW to throw a shot (=a heavy metal ball) in a sports competition
put your finger on something at finger1(4), ⇒ put your foot down at foot1(13), ⇒ put your foot in it at foot1(15), ⇒ put the record straight at record1(10), ⇒ put something to (good) use at use2(4), ⇒ put your back into it at back2(19)

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ADV. cleverly, well I thought you put your points very well.
badly | tactfully | bluntly, crudely | simply, succinctly Put simply, we accept their offer or go bankrupt.
mildly (ironic) I was, to put it mildly, annoyed (= I was extremely angry).
PHRASES to put it another way He was too trusting?or, to put it another way, he had no head for business.

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Sorry, I’m not putting it very well.
Put simply, our aim is to create art.
succinctly (=using only a few words)
A Russian economist put it most succinctly: ‘People do not care about carbon.’
mildly (=in a way that is not extreme)
His theory is controversial, to put it mildly.
bluntly/crudely/plainly (=in a direct way that may offend people)
I would put it more bluntly. I think you are wallowing in self-pity.
delicately (=in a way that will not offend people)
He had been drunk, or as Hilton delicately put it, ‘talkative’.
I didn't agree with her, but she put her argument so cleverly that I was almost persuaded.
put something another way
The dress was too small for me, or, to put it another way, I was too big for it.
put something this/that way
Let me put it this way - she's not as young as she was.
put something like that/this
‘He's been completely irresponsible.’ ‘I wouldn’t put it quite like that.’
put something into words (=say what you are feeling or thinking)
She couldn’t put her feelings into words.
how shall I/we put it? (=used before saying something in an indirect or polite way)
Mr Lewis is now – how shall we put it? – hardly the influence he once was.
put a question (to somebody)
I will be putting that very question to her.
put a proposition/proposal to somebody
I’ve a proposition to put to you.
put a point to somebody
You should put that point to the Chancellor.
put a case (to somebody)
He wanted to put his case to the full committee.
put it to somebody that
I put it to him that what we needed was some independent advice.

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