put back
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عقب بردن ، عقب انداختن
put back
Synonyms: restore, give back, reinstate, replace, return

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put something back phrasal verb (see also put)

1. put somebody/something ↔ back to put people or things in the place or situation they were in before:
She put the saucepan back on the stove.
Our win today put us back into third place in the league.

2. put something ↔ back to arrange for an event to start at a later time or date Synonym : postpone
put something ↔ back to
The meeting has been put back to next Thursday.

3. put something ↔ back to delay a process or activity by a number of weeks, months etc:
This fire could put back the opening date by several weeks.

4. to make someone or something have something that they used to have before:
The win put a smile back on his face.

5. put a clock/watch back British English to make a clock or watch show an earlier time Synonym : set back American Englishput the clock back at clock1(3)

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