put on
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Oxford 3000 vocabularyIDIOM
(vt & vi) تحمیل کردن ، گذاردن ، صرف کردن ، بخود بستن ، وانمود کردن ، بکارانداختن ، اعمال کردن ، بکار گماردن ، افزودن ، انجام دادن ، دست انداختن ، pretended
(adj & vi) ، ) assumedتصنعی ، وانمود شده
put on
- don, change into, dress, get dressed in, slip into
- fake, affect, assume, feign, pretend, sham, simulate
- present, do, mount, produce, show, stage
- add, gain, increase by
Antonyms: put off
Related Idioms: make as if (or as though), put on a (false) front, put on an act
Related Words: affect, feign, sham, simulate, masquerade, pose, mannered, posed, faked
English Thesaurus: clothes, clothing, garment, dress, wear, ...

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put somebody/something on phrasal verb (see also put)

1. CLOTHES put something ↔ on to put a piece of clothing on your body Antonym : take off:
He took off his uniform and put on a sweater and trousers.
I’ll have to put my glasses on; I can’t read the sign from here.

2. ON SKIN put something ↔ on to put make-up, cream etc on your skin:
I’ve got to put this cream on twice a day.

3. AFFECT/INFLUENCE SOMETHING put something on something to do something that affects or influences someone or something else:
The government put a limit on imports of textiles.
Pat was putting pressure on him to leave his wife.

4. START EQUIPMENT put something ↔ on to make a light or a piece of equipment start working by pressing or turning a button or switch Synonym : switch on, turn on:
He got up and put on the light.
Shall I put the kettle on?

5. MUSIC put something ↔ on to put a record, tape, or CD into a machine and start playing it:
She put on some music while they ate.

6. PRETEND put something ↔ on to pretend to have a particular feeling, opinion, way of speaking etc especially in order to get attention:
Sheila’s not really that upset; she’s just putting it on.
Leaving the court, the families all tried to put on a brave face (=not show that they were sad or worried).

7. put on weight/12 lbs/4 kg etc to become fatter and heavier Synonym : gain:
Rosie’s put on five kilos since she quit smoking.

8. EVENT/CONCERT/PLAY ETC put something ↔ on to arrange for a concert, play etc to take place, or to perform in it:
One summer the children put on a play.

9. SHOW WHAT YOU CAN DO put something ↔ on to show what you are able to do or what power you have:
The team need to put on another world-class performance.

10. COOK put something ↔ on to start cooking something:
Shall I put the pasta on now?

11. PROVIDE SOMETHING put something ↔ on British English to provide a service for people, especially a special one:
BA is putting on extra flights to cover the Christmas rush.

12. you’re putting me on! especially American English spoken used to tell someone that you think they are joking:
He wouldn’t do that – you’re putting me on.

13. RISK MONEY put something on something to risk an amount of money on the result of a game, race etc Synonym : bet:
We put £50 on Brazil to win the Cup.

14. ADD put something on something to add an amount of money or tax onto the cost of something:
Can smokers really complain if more tax is put on cigarettes?

15. TELEPHONE put somebody ↔ on to give someone the telephone so that they can talk to someone who is telephoning:
Can you put Janet on?

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ˈput-on noun [countable usually singular]
American English informal something you say or do to try to make someone believe something that is not true

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put on
to fool or joke with someone, to tease someone
I think that my friend is putting me on. I do not believe that he will move to Italy.

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put on
v. phr.
1. To dress in.
The boy took off his clothes and put on his pajamas.
Mother put a coat on the baby.
2a. To pretend; assume; show.
Mary isn't really sick; she's only putting on.
He put on a smile.
The child was putting on airs.
2b. To exaggerate; make too much of.
That's rather putting it on.
Compare: LAY IT ON.
3. To begin to have more (body weight); gain (weight).
Mary was thin from sickness, and the doctor said she must put on ten pounds.
Too many sweets and not enough exercise will make you put on weight.
4a. To plan and prepare; produce; arrange; give; stage.
The senior class put on a dance.
The actor put on a fine performance.
4b. To make (an effort).
The runner put on an extra burst of speed and won the race.
5. To choose to send; employ on a job.
The school put on extra men to get the new building ready.

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put on
n. An act of teasing; the playing of a practical joke on someone.
Eric didn't realize that it was a put-on when his friends phoned him that he won the lottery.

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