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qualified /ˈkwɒləfaɪd, ˈkwɒlɪfaɪd $ ˈkwɑː-/ adjective

واجد شرایط لازمه ، مقید ، واجد شرایط ، کارشناس ، لایق ، صلاحیت دار ، شایسته ، قابل ، دارای شرایط لازم ، مشروط ، معماری: موصوف ، قانون ـ فقه: واجد شرایط ، محدود ، روانشناسی: واجد شرایط ، علوم نظامی: ماهر
کامپیوتر: شرایط ، دارای شرایط

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- capable, able, adept, competent, efficient, experienced, expert, fit, practised, proficient, skilful, trained
- restricted, bounded, conditional, confined, contingent, limited, modified, provisional, reserved
Antonyms: disqualified, unqualified, absolute
Contrasted words: incapable, incompetent, unequipped, unfit, complete, entire, full, total, utter, whole, unlimited, unrestricted
Related Words: disciplined, instructed, trained, catechized, examined, quizzed, proved, tested, tried, circumscribed, definite, determined, fixed, restricted, partial

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qualified /ˈkwɒləfaɪd, ˈkwɒlɪfaɪd $ ˈkwɑː-/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: qualification, disqualification, qualifier; verb: qualify, disqualify; adjective: qualifiedunqualified, disqualified]

1. having suitable knowledge, experience, or skills, especially for a particular job
well/suitably/highly qualified
Dawn is well qualified for her new role.
qualified to do something
The guides are qualified to lead groups into the mountains.
If you don’t speak German, you’re not qualified to comment.

2. having passed a professional examination
qualified doctor/teacher/accountant etc
There are qualified instructors on hand to advise you.
highly/fully qualified
a fully qualified nurse
a professionally qualified social worker
Are you medically qualified?
qualified to do something
He’s qualified to teach biology at high school level.

3. [usually before noun] limited in some way ⇒ partial
qualified approval/support
The proposal received qualified approval.
The program was considered a qualified success.
Is it worth the money? The answer is a qualified yes.

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I. having completed a course of study
VERBS be | become, get
ADV. highly, well The teaching staff are all highly qualified.
fully, properly a fully qualified electrician
newly, recently newly qualified doctors
appropriately, duly, suitably Applications are invited from suitably qualified individuals.
sufficiently | legally, medically, professionally She is a professionally qualified social worker.
PREP. as She is now qualified as a teacher.

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II. having the skill needed to do sth
VERBS be, feel Elaine did not feel qualified to comment.
ADV. eminently, ideally, well My father was well qualified to act the part of a head teacher.

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III. limited in some way
ADV. heavily The proposals received heavily qualified approval.

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well qualified
As a former footballer, he is well qualified to talk about the game.
highly qualified
All the other applicants seemed highly qualified.
suitably qualified
If we can find a suitably qualified person, we'll start straight away.
eminently qualified
He is eminently qualified for the role.
ideally qualified
His former wife is ideally qualified to comment on his character.
highly qualified
The pilots who fly these planes are highly qualified.
suitably/properly qualified
Make sure that the therapist is properly qualified.
fully qualified
He was a fully qualified engineer.
professionally qualified
All our staff are professionally qualified.
medically/legally qualified
Decisions about such measures must rest with medically qualified personnel.
newly qualified
How much is a newly qualified nurse paid?
a qualified doctor/teacher/accountant etc
After seven years of training, she is now a qualified doctor.

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