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quarter /ˈkwɔːtə $ ˈkwɔːrtər/ noun [countable]

یک چهارم زمان مسابقه ، چهار یک ، کوی ، یک چهارم ، یک چارک ، چهارک ، ربع ، مدت سه ماه ، برزن ، اقامتگاه ، محله ، بخش ، ربعی ، به چهار قسمت مساوی تقسیم کردن ، پناه بردن به ، زنهار دادن ، زنهار ، معماری: برزن ، بازرگانی: ربع ، ورزش: قسمت عقبی کناره قایق
زیست شناسی: کوارتر ، هریک از چهار غده پستانی در گاو

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- district, area, locality, neighbourhood, part, place, province, region, side, zone
- mercy, clemency, compassion, forgiveness, leniency, pity
- accommodate, billet, board, house, lodge, place, post, station
Related Words: quadrant, division, part, area, locality, barrio
English Thesaurus: area, region, zone, district, the business/financial/theatre etc district, ...

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I. quarter1 S1 W2 /ˈkwɔːtə $ ˈkwɔːrtər/ noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: quarter, quarters, quarterly; verb: quarter; adverb: quarterly; adjective: quarterly]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: quartier, from Latin quartarius, from quartus 'fourth']

1. AMOUNT one of four equal parts into which something can be divided ⇒ half, third
a/one quarter (of something)
a quarter of a mile
roughly one quarter of the city’s population
It’s about a page and a quarter.
three quarters (of something) (=75%)
three quarters of a million pounds
the first/second etc quarter
in the last quarter of the 19th century
Cut the cake into quarters.
Say a quarter of something, not ‘quarter of’ something.

2. PART OF AN HOUR a period of 15 minutes:
I’ll meet you in a quarter of an hour.
She arrived three quarters of an hour (=45 minutes) late.
(a) quarter to (something) (also (a) quarter of (something) )American English (=15 minutes before the hour)
It’s a quarter of two.
(a) quarter past (something) British English also (a) quarter after (something) )American English (=15 minutes after the hour)
I’ll meet you at a quarter past ten.

3. MONEY a coin used in the US and Canada worth 25 cents

4. THREE MONTHS a period of three months, used especially when discussing business and financial matters
the first/second/third/fourth quarter
The company’s profits rose by 11% in the first quarter of the year.
Our database is updated every quarter.quarterly(1)

5. SPORT one of the four equal periods of time into which games of some sports are divided
the first/second/third/fourth quarter
The home side took the lead in the second quarter.

6. PART OF A CITY [usually singular] an area of a town:
I found a small flat in the student quarter.
Granada’s ancient Arab quarter
a historic quarter of the city

7. HOME quarters [plural] the rooms that are given to someone to live in as part of their job, especially servants or soldiers:
The top floor provided living quarters for the kitchen staff.
Most of the officers live in married quarters (=houses where soldiers live with their wives).

8. COLLEGE American English one of the four periods into which a year at school or college is divided, continuing for 10 to 12 weeks ⇒ semester:
What classes are you taking this quarter?

9. MOON the period of time twice a month when you can see a quarter of the moon’s surface

10. in/from ... quarters among or from different groups of people:
Offers of financial help came from several quarters.
Doubts were expressed in many quarters.

11. all quarters of the Earth/globe literary everywhere in the world

12. give/receive no quarter literary if someone gives no quarter, they do not show any pity or gentleness when dealing with someone, especially an enemy:
It was a fight to the death, with no quarter given.
at close quarters at close2(20)

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II. quarter2 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: noun: quarter, quarters, quarterly; verb: quarter; adverb: quarterly; adjective: quarterly]

1. to cut or divide something into four parts ⇒ halve:
Quarter the tomatoes and place them round the dish.

2. [usually passive] formal to provide someone with a place to sleep and eat, especially soldiers:
Our troops were quartered in Boston until June.

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I. one of four equal parts into which sth is divided
VERB + QUARTER break/cut/divide/fold sth into ~s
PREP. ~ of a quarter of a century/mile/million a quarter of an hour a quarter of all potential customers

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II. period of three months
ADJ. first, second, third, fourth/last Profits fell during the third quarter.
current, previous
PREP. during the ~

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III. part of a town
ADJ. old | Arab, Chinese, Latin, etc. | diplomatic, historic, industrial, residential 4 quarters place to live in
ADJ. comfortable, spacious | confined, cramped, modest | private the president's private quarters
living, sleeping | officers', servants', soldiers' | married The corporal and his family lived in married quarters.
VERB + QUARTER be confined to He was confined to quarters as a punishment.

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BAD: He served his country for over quarter of a century.
GOOD: He served his country for over a quarter of a century.

Usage Note:
a quarter (of sth ): 'He's had almost a quarter of the cake all to himself.'

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