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quick /kwɪk/ adjective (comparative quicker, superlative quickest)
quick adverb

تند ، چابک ، فرز ، چست ، جلد ، سریع ، زنده ، عمران: تند و سریع
مهندسی صنایع: فروش/خرید/تدارکات: سریع

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- fast, brisk, express, fleet, hasty, rapid, speedy, swift
- brief, cursory, hasty, hurried, perfunctory
- sudden, prompt
- intelligent, acute, alert, astute, bright (informal), clever, perceptive, quick-witted, sharp, shrewd, smart
- deft, adept, adroit, dexterous, skilful
- excitable, irascible, irritable, passionate, testy, touchy
Antonyms: sluggish, slow
Contrasted words: dilatory, laggard, leisurely, slow, unhasty, unhurried, comatose, lethargic, logy, poky, torpid, crass, dense, dull, dumb, stupid
Related Idioms: quick on the trigger
Related Words: agile, brisk, nimble, abrupt, impetuous, clever, intelligent, quick-witted, smart, adroit, deft, dexterous, acute, keen, sharp, able, capable, competent, effective, effectual
English Thesaurus: fast, quick, high-speed, rapid, swift, ...

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I. quick1 S1 W2 /kwɪk/ adjective (comparative quicker, superlative quickest)
[Language: Old English; Origin: cwic 'alive']

1. SHORT TIME lasting for or taking only a short time:
That was quick! I thought you’d be another hour.
It’s probably quicker by train.
Have we got time for a quick drink?
What’s the quickest way to the station?
We stopped to have a quick look at the church.
Three bombs went off in quick succession (=quickly, one after the other).

2. FAST moving or doing something fast:
She walked with short, quick steps.
They were great people to work with – very quick, very efficient.
Boxers have to be quick on their feet (=able to move about quickly).

3. NO DELAY happening very soon, without any delay Synonym : speedy:
I had to make a quick decision.
We’ve put the house on the market and we’re hoping for a quick sale.
We need a quick response from the government.
Robertson’s quick thinking had saved the little girl’s life.

4. CLEVER able to learn and understand things fast:
Jane’s very witty and very quick.
She’s a quick learner.
He’s a good interviewer, tough and quick on the uptake (=able to understand quickly what someone is saying).

5. be quick used to tell someone to hurry:
If you want to come with me you’ll have to be quick – I’m leaving in ten minutes.
‘Can I just finish this first?’ ‘OK, but be quick about it.’

6. be quick to do something to react quickly to what someone says or does:
The government was quick to deny any involvement in the attacks.

7. quick fix informal a solution to a problem that can be done quickly, but is not a good or permanent solution:
There’s no quick fix for stopping pollution.
Congress is trying to avoid quick-fix solutions.

8. have a quick temper to get angry very easily

9. be quick on the draw
a) to be able to pull a gun out quickly in order to shoot
b) American English informal to be good at reacting quickly and intelligently to difficult questions or in difficult situations
—quickness noun [uncountable]

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II. quick2 interjection
used to tell someone to hurry or come quickly:
Quick! We’ll miss the bus!

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III. quick3 S3 adverb
quickly – many teachers think this is not correct English Synonym : fast:
Come quick! Larry’s on TV!
It all happened pretty quick.
Quick as a flash (=very quickly) she replied, ‘That’s not what I’ve heard!’

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IV. quick4 noun
[Sense 1-2: Date: 1500-1600; Origin: Probably from a Scandinavian language. ]
[Sense 3: Language: Old English; Origin: quick1]

1. the quick the sensitive flesh under your fingernails and toenails:
Her nails were bitten to the quick.

2. cut/sting/pierce somebody to the quick if a remark or criticism cuts you to the quick, it makes you feel extremely upset:
She was cut to the quick by the accusation.

3. the quick and the dead biblical all people, including those who are alive and those who are dead

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

VERBS be, seem We'd better be quick.
become, get
ADV. extremely, particularly, really, very a really quick worker
fairly, pretty, quite, reasonably, relatively | amazingly, remarkably, surprisingly | mercifully It was a mercifully quick end for those condemned to die.
PREP. at I was getting quite quick at putting up fences.
PHRASES quick and easy meals that are quick and easy to prepare

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BAD: We are able to exchange information quicker than in the past.
GOOD: We are able to exchange information more quickly than in the past.

Usage Note:
Quicker is sometimes used as an adverb, but only in informal styles. More quickly is always acceptable: 'He spoke more quickly than usual.'

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