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quote /kwəʊt $ kwoʊt/ verb

قیمت دادن ، نقل قول کردن ، ایراد کردن ، مظنه دادن ، نقل بیان کردن ، نشان نقل قول ، بازرگانی: اعلام کردن
کامپیوتر: قیمت

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Synonyms: repeat, cite, detail, instance, name, recall, recite, recollect, refer to

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I. quote1 S2 W3 AC /kwəʊt $ kwoʊt/ verb
[Word Family: noun: quotation, quote; verb: quote]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Medieval Latin; Origin: quotare, from Latin quot 'how many']

1. [intransitive and transitive] to repeat exactly what someone else has said or written
quote from
She quoted from a newspaper article.
He quoted a short passage from the Bible.
A military spokesman was quoted as saying that the border area is now safe.
quote somebody on something
Can I quote you on that?

2. [transitive] to give a piece of information that is written down somewhere:
You can order by phoning our hotline and quoting your credit card number.
He quoted a figure of 220 deaths each year from accidents in the home.

3. [transitive] to give something as an example to support what you are saying Synonym : cite:
Mr Jackson quoted the case of an elderly man who had been evicted from his home.
quote something as something
He quoted the example of France as a country with a good rail service.
The nurses’ union was quoted as an example of a responsible trade union.

4. [transitive] to tell a customer the price you will charge them for a service or product:
They quoted a price of £15,000.
quote something for something
The firm originally quoted £6,000 for the whole job.

5. [transitive] to give the price of a share or currency:
The pound was quoted this morning at just under $1.46.
The company is now quoted on the stock exchange (=people can buy and sell shares in it).

6. (I) quote spoken used when you are going to repeat what someone else has said, to emphasize that it is exactly the way they said it:
The minister said, quote: ‘There will be no more tax increases this year.’

7. quote ... unquote spoken used at the beginning and end of a word or phrase that someone else has said or written, to emphasize that you are repeating it exactly

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II. quote2 S2 AC noun [countable]
[Word Family: noun: quotation, quote; verb: quote]

1. a sentence or phrase from a book, speech etc which you repeat in a speech or piece of writing because it is interesting or amusing Synonym : quotation
quote from
a quote from the minister’s speech

2. in quotes words that are in quotes are written with quotation marks around them to show that someone said those words

3. a statement of how much it will probably cost to build or repair something Synonym : estimate:
Always get a quote before proceeding with repair work.

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I. words taken from a book, etc.
ADJ. famous, memorable, quotable | direct, verbatim a direct quote from this morning's paper
VERB + QUOTE take quotes taken from various lifestyle magazines
QUOTE + VERB come from sth The quote of the week comes from Mae West.
PREP. ~ from a quote from Albert Einstein

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II. price that will be charged for a piece of work
ADJ. written | free
VERB + QUOTE give (sb) | get, obtain Always get a written quote before proceeding with work.
PREP. ~ for a quote for the hire of the equipment

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I. repeat exactly what sb has said/written
ADV. at length, extensively She quotes extensively from the author's diaries.
in full The passage is quoted in full.
accurately, exactly | directly | approvingly, with approval | above, below, earlier, here, previously The new text of Article 92, quoted above, gives member states more discretion on this issue.
PREP. as She is wrongly quoted as saying ‘Play it again, Sam.’
from quoting from Shakespeare/‘Hamlet’

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II. give sth as an example
ADV. frequently, often
PREP. as an example that is often quoted as evidence of mismanagement
on Don't quote me on this but I think the figure is in excess of £2 billion.
PHRASES widely quoted the most widely quoted and influential study in this field

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