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raid /reɪd/ noun [countable]

تک نفوذی سریع ، کمین ، تک سریع تاخت و تاز ، تک هوایی ، تاخت و تاز ، حمله ناگهانی ، ورود ناگهانی پلیس ، یورش اوردن ، هجوم اوردن ، علوم نظامی: تک ناگهانی حمله هوایی
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- attack, foray, incursion, inroad, invasion, sally, sortie
- attack, assault, foray, invade, pillage, plunder, sack
Related Words: assault, onset, onslaught, despoil, devastate, ravage, sack, spoliate, waste, loot, plunder, rifle, rob
English Thesaurus: attack, invasion, raid, strike, assault, ...

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I. raid1 /reɪd/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Scottish English; Origin: Old English rad 'ride, raid'; road]

1. a short attack on a place by soldiers, planes, or ships, intended to cause damage but not take control:
a bombing raid
an air raid warning siren
raid on/against
The colonel led a successful raid against a rebel base.
launch/carry out/stage a raid
The army launched several cross-border raids last night.air raid

2. a surprise visit made to a place by the police to search for something illegal:
a police raid
an FBI raid
raid on
Four people were arrested during a raid on a house in London.
a dawn raid (=one made very early in the morning)

3. an attack by criminals on a building where they believe they can steal money or drugs:
a bank raid
raid on
an armed raid on a shop in Glasgowram-raiding

4. technical an attempt by a company to buy enough shares in another company to take control of it

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II. raid2 verb [transitive]

1. if police raid a place, they make a surprise visit to search for something illegal:
Police found weapons when they raided his home.

2. to make a sudden military attack on a place:
air bases on the mainland from which the island could be raided
raiding party (=a group taking part in an attack)

3. to go into a place and steal things:
The gang raided three homes in the area.

4. to go to a place that has supplies of food or drink and take some because you are hungry:
Peter went into the kitchen to raid the fridge.

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I. surprise attack
ADJ. daring | destructive, heavy, major | punitive, retaliatory, revenge | dawn, daylight, night | border, cross-border | air, bombing | commando, guerrilla
VERB + RAID carry out, conduct, make bombers carrying out daylight raids over northern France
launch, mount, stage | lead sb in | suffer
PREP. during/in a/the ~ Five civilians died in the raid.
on a/the ~ He led his men on a cross-border raid.
~ against The raids against Norway continued.
~ by The town suffered several raids by Vikings.
~ on air raids on Liverpool

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II. robbery from a building
ADJ. bank, post office, shop | armed, smash-and-grab | dawn, daylight, night | daring
VERB + RAID plan | carry out | foil Two customers have foiled a smash-and-grab raid on a local shop.
PREP. during/in a/the ~ the jewels stolen in the raid
~ on She was shot during an armed raid on a security van.

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III. surprise visit by the police
ADJ. dawn, early morning | police | drug/drugs
VERB + RAID carry out, launch, stage Police staged an early morning raid on the premises.
PREP. during a/the ~ He was injured during a police raid on his nightclub.
in a/the ~ the drugs seized in last night's raid
~ by a raid by drugs squad detectives
~ on raids on houses in Catholic areas of the city

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make a raid
Pirates often made daring raids on the port.
carry out a raid (=make a raid)
They were encouraged by the French king to carry out raids upon English ships.
launch a raid (=start a raid)
Rebel forces launched cross-border raids.
take part in a raid
They took part in various raids, including the bombing of Cologne in 1942.
an air raid (=when bombs are dropped from planes)
His parents were killed in an air raid.
a bombing raid
Bombing raids had destroyed most of the country's oil refineries.
a commando raid (=a raid by specially trained soldiers)
There had been two unsuccessful British commando raids.
a guerrilla raid (=a raid by a small unofficial military group)
From their base in the rainforest they staged guerilla raids on Nicaragua.
a night raid (=an attack that takes place at night)
The night raids were almost non-stop.
a cross-border raid (=across a border between two countries)
Cross-border raids into Kenya last year caused a serious diplomatic conflict.

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