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rain /reɪn/ noun
rain verb

باران ، بارش ، بارندگی ، باریدن ، معماری: باران ، زیست شناسی: باران ، علوم هوایی: باران
- rainfall, cloudburst, deluge, downpour, drizzle, fall, raindrops, showers
- pour, bucket down (informal), come down in buckets (informal), drizzle, pelt (down), teem
- fall, deposit, drop, shower, sprinkle
English Thesaurus: rain, drizzle, shower, downpour, hail, ...

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I. rain1 S2 W2 /reɪn/ noun
[Language: Old English; Origin: regn]

1. [uncountable] water that falls in small drops from clouds in the sky:
a night of wind and rain
There will be heavy rain in most parts of the country.
in the rain
I left my bicycle out in the rain.acid rain, rain drop, rainy

2. the rains heavy rain that falls during a particular period in the year in tropical countries ⇒ monsoon:
Last year, the rains came on time in April.

3. rain of something a large number of things falling or moving through the air together:
The archers sent a rain of arrows towards the enemy.

4. (come) rain or shine spoken whatever happens or whatever the weather is like:
Don’t worry. We’ll be there – rain or shine.
—rainless adjective
right as rain at right1(9)

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II. rain2 S3 verb

1. it rains if it rains, drops of water fall from clouds in the sky:
Outside it was still raining.
It’s starting to rain.
rain heavily/hard
It must have rained quite hard last night.
it’s raining cats and dogs spoken (=it is raining very hard)

2. rain (down) blows/blows rain down if you rain blows onto someone, you hit them many times:
She attacked the man, raining blows on his head and shoulders.

3. it never rains but it pours spoken used to say that as soon as one thing goes wrong, a lot of other things go wrong as well

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ADJ. driving, heavy, lashing, pouring, torrential | steady | fine, gentle, light, patchy The fine rain turned to mist in the early evening. The forecast is for wind and patchy rain.
warm | cold | constant, continuous, persistent | intermittent | overnight Overnight rain had freshened up the garden.
monsoon, tropical The monsoon rains started early this year.
autumn, spring, etc.
QUANT. drop, spot A few spots of rain had fallen.
inch, shower, spot (informal) We had three inches of rain last night. We could do with a spot of rain.
VERB + RAIN forecast Rain is forecast for tomorrow.
look like, threaten It looks like rain (= it looks as though it is going to rain). Black clouds threatened rain.
pour with It poured with rain all afternoon.
get caught in We got caught in the rain on the way home.
RAIN + VERB beat, come down, drip, drum, fall, lash, patter, pelt, pour down, splash, trickle Rain beat against the window all night. Rain dripped down his collar.
come, set in, start The rain came just as we set off. The rain had set in steadily by the time we got home.
cease, let up, stop The rain didn't let up all day.
continue The rain continued for most of the day.
threaten With rain threatening, we headed home as fast as we could.
drive sb The rain drove the players off the court.
RAIN + NOUN cloud, water
PREP. in the ~ We found her sitting in the pouring rain.
out of the ~ Come in out of the rain.
through the ~ We drove slowly through the driving rain.

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ADV. hard, heavily | a little, slightly | incessantly, non-stop, solidly, steadily It's been raining solidly for an hour now. It rained incessantly for the whole two weeks.
VERB + RAIN begin to, start to | be going to I don't think it's going to rain.
PHRASES start/stop raining

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heavy (=with a lot of water coming down)
The rain became more heavy.
light (=with little water coming down)
A light rain began to fall.
torrential (=very heavy)
I woke to the sound of torrential rain.
pouring rain (=very heavy rain)
He left us standing in the pouring rain.
driving rain (=heavy rain that is falling fast or being blown along)
They struggled to walk against driving rain.
freezing rain (=extremely cold rain)
the icy wind and freezing rain
fine rain (=very gentle rain)
A fine rain was coming down as the game started.
acid rain (=which contains pollution from factories)
forests which have been damaged by acid rain
the rain falls
The rain was still falling steadily.
the rain comes down (=it falls)
If the rain starts coming down, we can always go inside.
The monsoon rain comes down in sheets.
the rain stops
They went into a cafe and waited for the rain to stop.
the rain eases off (=it starts to rain less)
The rain should ease off in a minute.
the rain pours down (=a lot of rain comes down)
The rain was pouring down and I was quickly soaked.
the rain pelts down (=it comes down fast)
The rain was now pelting down.
the rain beats/lashes (=it falls or hits something with a lot of force)
Isabel listened to the rain beating down.
the rain patters on something (=drops of rain hit something and make a sound)
Rain pattered on the roof.
get caught in the rain (=be outside when it starts raining)
Did you get caught in the rain?
it is pouring with rain British English, it is pouring rain American English (=a lot of rain is falling)
When we went outside it was pouring with rain.
it looks like rain (=rain appears likely because there are dark clouds in the sky)
We ate indoors because it looked like rain.
a drop of rain
Robert felt a drop of rain on his face.
an inch/25mm etc of rain
Two inches of rain fell in twelve hours.
outbreaks of rain (=short periods of rain – used in weather forecasts)
Outbreaks of rain will spread across northern parts.
a rain shower (also a shower of rain British English) (=a short period of rain)
a heavy shower of rain accompanied by lightning
sheets of rain (=large moving masses of heavy rain)
He drove home slowly, through sheets of rain.
a rain cloud
Thick black rain clouds massed in the sky.

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BAD: It was heavy rain yesterday.
GOOD: It rained heavily yesterday.
GOOD: There was some heavy rain yesterday.

Usage Note:
When you begin with it , use rain as a verb: 'It's raining again!' 'This month it's rained nearly every day.'
When you begin with there , use rain as a noun: 'There's been a lot of rain this month.'

BAD: Two minutes later it started pouring rain.
GOOD: Two minutes later it started pouring with rain.
BAD: The next day the sky poured heavily.
GOOD: The next day it poured with rain.

Usage Note:
it + pour with rain : 'Whenever I forget my umbrella, it pours with rain.' 'We can't go out - it's pouring with rain.'

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See: it never rains but it pours , know enough to come in out of the rain

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