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right /raɪt/ adjective
right adverb
right noun

شایسته ، خوب ذیحق ، به طور صحیح ، شرح ما وقع ، نمایندگان جناح راست ، مستقیم ، صحیح ، واقعی ، بجا ، عمودی ، قائمه ، درستکار ، در سمت راست ، درست کردن ، اصلاح کردن ، دفع ستم کردن از ، درست شدن ، قائم نگاهداشتن ، قائم ، ذیحق ، قانون ـ فقه: حق ، اصلاح کردن ، بازرگانی: حق

: right (eyes)

فرمان نظر به راست ، علوم نظامی: نظر به راست
کامپیوتر: راست ، درست

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- just, equitable, ethical, fair, good, honest, lawful, moral, proper
- correct, accurate, exact, factual, genuine, precise, true, valid
- proper, appropriate, becoming, desirable, done, fit, fitting, seemly, suitable
- correctly, accurately, exactly, genuinely, precisely, truly
- properly, appropriately, aptly, fittingly, suitably
- straight, directly, promptly, quickly, straightaway
- exactly, precisely, squarely
- claim, authority, business, due, freedom, liberty, licence, permission, power, prerogative, privilege
- rectify, correct, fix, put right, redress, settle, sort out, straighten
Antonyms: unright, wrong, wrongly
Contrasted words: specious, unsound, misguided, mistaken, debt, sin, wickedness, improperness, impropriety, incorrectness, unrightness
Related Words: correctitude, correctness, properness, propriety, rightness, claim, interest, title, freedom, liberty, license
English Thesaurus: exactly, precisely, just, right, directly, ...

[TahlilGaran] English Synonym Dictionary

I. right1 S1 W1 /raɪt/ adjective
[Word Family: adverb: right, rightly, rightfully, righeously, righteousness; noun: right, rightness, rights, righteousness; adjective: right, righteous, rightful; verb: right]
[Language: Old English; Origin: riht]

a) a statement or piece of information that is right is correct and based on true facts Synonym : correct Antonym : wrong:
Yes, that’s the right answer.
Is that the right time?
I got most of the questions right.
His ideas have now been proved right.
b) [not before noun] if you are right, you have said something that is correct and based on true facts Antonym : wrong:
I think you’re right. We should have set out earlier.
right about
You were right about the hotel being too crowded.
I think the Prime Minister is only half right.
Am I right in thinking that you two have met before?

2. SUITABLE the right thing, person, method etc is the one that is most suitable or effective Antonym : wrong:
I think you’ve made the right decision.
I think she’s definitely the right person for the job.
right for
A huge development like this isn’t right for such a small village.

3. SIDE [only before noun]
a) your right side is the side with the hand that most people write with Antonym : left:
He had a knife in his right hand.
a scar on the right side of her face
b) on the same side of something as your right side Antonym : left:
Take the next right turn.
the right bank of the river

4. PROBLEMS something that is not right is not in the state it should be in:
The engine’s not quite right.
This cheese doesn’t smell right.
Things haven’t been right between me and James for some time.
put/set something right (=correct something)
It didn’t take long to find the fault and put it right.

5. MORALLY if someone is right to do something, their action is morally correct or sensible Antonym : wrong
right to do something
Do you think I was right to report them to the police?
It can’t be right to keep lying to your family.
it is right that
I think it’s right that the people who work hardest should earn the most.
It’s only right (=completely right) that he should get his share of the money.
The company wants to do the right thing and offer compensation to all the injured workers.

6. that’s right spoken
a) used to agree with what someone says or to answer ‘yes’ to a question:
‘I gather you work in the sales department?’ ‘That’s right.’
‘Some people find it very difficult to work quickly.’ ‘That’s right, and they often find exams very stressful.’
b) used when you are telling someone that you are angry about what they are doing:
That’s right! Just blame me for everything, as usual!

7. right you are British English spoken used to say ‘yes’ to a request, order, or suggestion

8. EMPHASIS [only before noun] British English spoken used to emphasize how bad someone or something is Synonym : total, complete:
He sounds like a right idiot!
The house was in a right mess when we got back.

9. HEALTH spoken if you are not feeling right, you are not feeling completely well:
I haven’t been feeling right all day.
A few days in bed will soon put you right.
You’ll soon be as right as rain (=completely healthy).put somebody right/straight at put(9)

10. SOCIALLY the right people, places, schools etc are considered to be the best or most important:
Sonia’s always careful to be seen with the right people.

11. be in the right place at the right time to be in the place where something useful becomes available or is being offered:
Being a news photographer is all about being in the right place at the right time.
—rightness noun [uncountable]:
He was convinced of the rightness of his cause.
put something right at put(8)

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II. right2 S2 interjection

1. used to show that you have understood or agree with what someone has just said:
‘You need to be there by ten o’clock.‘ ’Right.'

2. British English used to get someone’s attention before starting to say or do something:
Right, open your books on page 16.
Right, is everyone listening?
Right, I think we’re ready to go.

3. used to check if what you have said is correct:
So we’re meeting in the pub, right?

4. used to check that the person you are speaking to is listening and understands what you are saying:
So I handed him the camera, right, and asked him to take our photograph.

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III. right3 S1 W1 adverb
[Word Family: adverb: right, rightly, rightfully, righeously, righteousness; noun: right, rightness, rights, righteousness; adjective: right, righteous, rightful; verb: right]

1. EXACTLY exactly in a particular position or place
right in/in front of/by etc something
She was standing right in the middle of the room.
There’s the house, right in front of you.
right here/there
I left my bags right here.

2. IMMEDIATELY immediately and without any delay Synonym : straight:
It’s on right after the six o'clock news.
I’ll phone him right away (=immediately).
I could tell right off that something was wrong.
right off the bat American English (=immediately, without having to think carefully)
Kay answered right off the bat.

3. CORRECTLY correctly:
We guessed right; they’d gone.
‘I thought you’d be cross.’ ‘You thought right!’

4. WELL informal in a way that is good or satisfactory:
Everything’s going right for him at the moment.
It’ll work out right in the end.

5. DIRECTION/SIDE towards the direction or side that is on the right Antonym : left:
Turn right at the crossroads.

6. right now now, or immediately:
Do you need me right now?
We need to deal with this problem right now.

7. right along/through/around etc all the way along, through etc:
Go right to the end of the road.
We don’t have to go right into town.
I slept soundly right through the night.

8. be right behind somebody spoken to completely support someone in their ideas or in what they are trying to achieve:
We’re all right behind you.

9. I’ll be right with you/right there/right back spoken used to ask someone to wait because you are coming or returning very soon:
‘Lunch is ready!’ ‘I’ll be right there.’
Don’t go away; I’ll be right back.

10. be right up there (with somebody/something) informal to be as good or as important as the very best:
He’s definitely right up there with all the world-class footballers.

11. right, left, and centre British English, right and left American English everywhere or in every way:
The company’s losing money right, left and centre.

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IV. right4 S1 W1 noun
[Word Family: adverb: right, rightly, rightfully, righeously, righteousness; noun: right, rightness, rights, righteousness; adjective: right, righteous, rightful; verb: right]
[Language: Old English; Origin: riht, from riht (adjective); right1]

1. ALLOWED [countable] something that you are morally, legally, or officially allowed to do or have
right of
The new charter establishes the rights and duties of citizens.
right to
Everyone should have the right to freedom of expression.
right to do something
You have the right to consult a lawyer.
by right
The money is yours by right.
within your rights (=legally or morally allowed)
You would be within your rights to sue the company for negligence.civil rights, HUMAN RIGHTS

2. have a right to be angry/concerned/suspicious etc to have a good reason for being angry, concerned etc:
I think you have a right to feel very disappointed.
You had every right to be angry with them.

3. have no right to do something used to say that someone’s action is completely unreasonable or unfair:
You had no right to take money from my purse!
He has no right to speak to me like that!

4. SIDE the right/sb’s right the side of your body that has the hand that most people write with, or this side of anything else Antonym : left
on/to the right (of something)
Our car is just to the right of that white van.
Take the first turning on the right.
on/to sb’s right
The school is on your right as you come into the village.

5. POLITICS the right/the Right political parties or groups that support the ideas and beliefs of capitalism. They usually want low taxes and to encourage private business rather than businesses owned by the state Antonym : leftright-wing:
The campaign is being supported by the Right.
The Conservative Party seems to be moving even further to the right.
extreme/far right
politicians on the extreme right

6. CORRECT BEHAVIOUR [uncountable] behaviour that is morally good and correct:
Some kids don’t seem to know the difference between right and wrong.
The protesters believe that they have right on their side.

7. BOOKS/TV ETC rights [plural] if someone has the rights to a book, film, television programme etc, they are allowed to sell it or show it ⇒ copyright
rights to
The studio bought the rights to his new book.
The company paid £2 million for film rights to the book.
the television rights to the Olympic Games

8. be in the right to have the best reasons, arguments etc in a disagreement with someone else:
Both sides are convinced that they are in the right.

9. by rights spoken used to describe what should happen if things are done fairly or correctly:
By rights, the house should be mine now.

10. in your own right used to say that you have something or achieve something on your own, without depending on other people:
She’s a very wealthy woman in her own right.

11. put something to rights to make a place or situation return to normal again:
It took ages to put the room to rights again.

12. the rights and wrongs of something the subject of what or who is right or wrong in a situation:
I don’t want to spend ages discussing the rights and wrongs of all this.

13. [countable] a hit made with your right hand Antonym : left

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V. right5 verb [transitive]
[Word Family: adverb: right, rightly, rightfully, righeously, righteousness; noun: right, rightness, rights, righteousness; adjective: right, righteous, rightful; verb: right]

1. right a wrong to do something to prevent a bad situation from continuing:
He seems to think he can right all the wrongs of the world.

2. to put something back into the state or situation that it should be in:
We must try to right the balance between taxation and government spending.

3. to put something, especially a boat, back into its correct upright position:
I finally managed to right the canoe.
She righted herself and picked up her bag.

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VERBS be, feel, look, seem, sound, taste The meat doesn't taste right to me.
come, turn out I'm sure it'll all turn out right in the end.
get sth He never gets anything right.
make sth It may be a very easy way to make money, but that doesn't make it right.
ADV. absolutely, dead, exactly, just, quite You're dead right. There's nothing we can do. She needs to get everything exactly right for her guests. There's something not quite right about these figures.
almost, more or less, nearly Don't worry about it?that's more or less right.
PREP. about You were quite right about the weather.

[TahlilGaran] Collocations Dictionary

I. what is morally good
PREP. in the ~ (= having justice and truth on your side) There's no doubt that he's in the right on this.
PHRASES have right on your side I appealed against the decision because I knew I had right on my side.
know right from wrong Children of that age don't know right from wrong.
right and wrong She doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong.
the rights and wrongs of sth We sat discussing the rights and wrongs of the prison system.

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II. entitlement
ADJ. basic, fundamental, inalienable the basic rights of all citizens
absolute, perfect I've got a perfect right to park here if I want to.
equal | exclusive, sole | full | automatic Any employee who is sacked has an automatic right to appeal.
animal, human animal rights campaigners human rights violations
legal, statutory | contractual | moral You have a moral right to that money.
civil the civil rights movement
gay, women's | parental The local authority exercises parental rights over the children until foster homes are found.
squatters' The teenagers claimed squatters' rights and were allowed to remain in the building.
pension | voting | divine, god-given the old idea of the divine right of kings I suppose you think you have some god-given right to tell me what to do?
VERB + RIGHT enjoy, have, retain They have no right to come onto my land.
assert, claim, demand | know You can't do that to me?I know my rights.
establish The new president undertook to establish full rights for all minorities.
stand up for You should stand up for your rights and insist that he pays you.
reserve I reserve the right to leave at any time I choose.
gain, get | confer on sb, give sb, grant sb We were granted the exclusive rights to produce the software in the UK.
extend The government extended voting rights to everyone over the age of 18.
exercise | enforce The landlord enforced his right to enter the property.
abdicate, give up, relinquish, renounce He renounced his right to the throne.
waive They gave me my uncle's money, on condition that I waived all rights to his property.
forfeit, lose | defend, protect, safeguard | acknowledge, recognize, respect | affect, infringe These additional guarantees do not affect your statutory rights.
deny sb | abolish
PREP. as of ~, by ~ The property belongs to her by/as of right.
by ~ of The Normans ruled England by right of conquest.
within your ~s You're acting entirely within your rights.
~ of the right of assembly/asylum/citizenship/free speech/ownership
~ over He claimed full rights over the discovery.
~s for equal rights for all
~ to Do I have any right to compensation?
PHRASES have every right She has every right to feel bitter.
right of way There is no public right of way across the fields.

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III. rights: legal authority/claim to sth
ADJ. film, movie, television | translation | foreign | property | mineral | grazing
VERB + RIGHT acquire, buy, get, obtain | sell He sold the film rights for $2 million.
have, hold
PHRASES all rights reserved (= protected or kept for the owner of the book, film, etc.)

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IV. right side/direction
VERB + RIGHT take Take a right at the traffic lights.
PREP. from the ~ Look out for traffic coming from the right.
on the ~ Ours is the first house on the right.
to the ~ Keep over to the right.
PHRASES the first/second, etc. right Take the first right, and then it's the second turning on your left.
from left to right/from right to left The books are numbered from right to left.

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V. the right: in politics
ADJ. extreme, far
PREP. on the ~ He's on the extreme right of the party.

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quite right (=completely right)
You were quite right – we should never have gone with them.
absolutely right
You’re absolutely right.
exactly right
My figures may not be exactly right.
dead right informal (=completely correct, used for emphasis)
You were dead right not to trust him.
half/partly right (=correct to some degree, but not completely)
That theory may still be partly right.
get something right
For once, he got my name right.
be proved right
We warned that it would not work, and we have been proved right.
be right in saying/thinking etc
I think I’m right in saying they once employed 2000 people.

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BAD: Every child has a right of free education.
GOOD: Every child has a right to free education.
BAD: Until recently, women did not have the right of voting.
GOOD: Until recently, women did not have the right to vote.

Usage Note:
right to (do ) sth (NOT of ): 'The law gives you the right to remain silent.' 'Each partner has a right to a company car.'

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