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rally /ˈræli/ noun (plural rallies) [countable]

اجتماع مجدد ، دوباره جمع شدن ، صف ارایی کردن ، دوباره جمع اوری کردن ، دوباره بکار انداختن ، نیروی تازه دادن به ، گرد امدن ، سرو صورت تازه گرفتن ، پشتیبانی کردن ، تقویت کردن ، بالا بردن قی مت ، علوم نظامی: تجمع برای تجدید قوا یا تجدید سازمان
- gathering, assembly, congress, convention, meeting
- recovery, improvement, recuperation, revival
- reassemble, regroup, reorganize, unite
- gather, assemble, collect, convene, marshal, muster, round up, unite
- recover, get better, improve, recuperate, revive
Related Words: fire, refresh, renew, restore, brace (up), enliven, invigorate, perk (up), pick up, harass, harry, tantalize, tease, worry
English Thesaurus: meeting, conference, convention, rally, summit, ...

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I. rally1 /ˈræli/ noun (plural rallies) [countable]

1. a large public meeting, especially one that is held outdoors to support a political idea, protest etc:
About 1,000 people attended the rally in Hyde Park.
We decided to hold a rally to put pressure on the government.
a mass rally (=large rally) in support of the pay claim
political/election/peace etc rally
He was shot dead while addressing an election rally.pep rally

2. a car race on public roads:
a rally driver

3. an occasion when something, especially the value of shares, becomes stronger again after a period of weakness or defeat:
a late rally in the Tokyo stock market

4. a continuous series of hits of the ball between players in a game such as tennis

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II. rally2 verb (past tense and past participle rallied, present participle rallying, third person singular rallies)
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: French; Origin: rallier 'to reunite', from Old French alier; ally2]

1. [intransitive and transitive] to come together, or to bring people together, to support an idea, a political party etc
rally to
Fellow Republicans rallied to the President’s defense.
rally to do something
Surely the local business community could have rallied to raise the cash.
an attempt to rally support for the party

2. [intransitive] to become stronger again after a period of weakness or defeat ⇒ recover:
After a shaky start, he rallied and won the title in style.
The Tokyo stock market rallied later in the day.
rally around (somebody) (also rally round (somebody) British English) phrasal verb informal
if a group of people rally round, they all try to help you when you are in a difficult situation:
Her friends all rallied round when she was ill.

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I. political meeting
ADJ. big, huge, large, major, mass, massive | public | indoor, outdoor at a massive outdoor rally in Paris
campaign, election, political | opposition, protest | peace | anti-government, anti-war, etc.
VERB + RALLY have, hold, stage The demonstrators marched to Trafalgar Square where they held a rally.
call for, organize, plan | attend, take part in About 5,000 people attended a rally calling for peace.
address, speak at | ban The government closed the schools and banned all rallies.
RALLY + VERB take place | break up, disperse, end The rally dispersed peacefully after six hours.
call for sth
PREP. at a/the ~ She spoke at a public rally in Hyde Park.
~ against a mass rally against the treaty
~ for a rally for the winning candidate
~ in support of a rally in support of the strike

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II. motor race
ADJ. club, international | motor, motorcycle
VERB + RALLY hold, organize | compete in, enter | win
RALLY + NOUN circuit | driver, driving
PREP. on a/the ~ He will join the team on the rally next week.

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III. in tennis
ADJ. long, short | exciting
VERB + RALLY play | win | lose

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ADV. around/round Neighbours rallied round and alerted the emergency services.
VERB + RALLY try to The team captain vainly tried to rally his troops.
PREP. around/round/behind She urged everyone to rally behind the president.
to Friends rallied to her.
PHRASES rally to sb's defence BBC leaders rallied to his defence.
rally to sb's/the cause Friends and colleagues have rallied to her cause.

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hold/stage a rally
The students had been refused permission to hold their rally in Victory Square.
organize a rally
A rally organized by democratic movements was broken up by soldiers.
attend a rally
About 200 people braved the weather to attend the rally.
address a rally (=speak to the crowd at a rally)
The next evening he addressed a large anti-government rally.
a large/huge/massive rally
Several large rallies were held in December.
a mass rally (=a large rally)
a mass rally of striking dockers
a political rally
Her parents were often away attending political rallies.
an election rally
The senator was due to address an election rally that evening.
a campaign rally (=a rally to support someone who is competing in an election)
She will attend four campaign rallies in the state before returning to Washington.
a protest rally
Minor clashes between police and demonstrators occurred during a protest rally.
a peace rally
CND are organising a massive Peace Rally on the second Sunday in July.
an anti-government/anti-war etc rally
The peace groups made plans to hold an anti-war rally.
a pro-democracy/pro-independence etc rally
Thousands joined a pro-democracy rally in the city.

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