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reading /ˈriːdɪŋ/ noun

تفسیر ، استنباط ، نظریه ، خواندن ، قرائت ، مطالعه ، علوم مهندسی: قرائت ، قانون ـ فقه: شور ، روانشناسی: خواندن
- perusal, examination, inspection, scrutiny, study
- recital, lesson, performance, sermon
- interpretation, grasp, impression, version
- learning, education, erudition, knowledge, scholarship

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reading W2 /ˈriːdɪŋ/ noun
[Word Family: noun: read, reader, readership, reading, readability; verb: read; adjective: readableunreadable]

1. ACTIVITY/SKILL [uncountable] the activity or skill of understanding written words:
She loves reading.
Reading is taught using a combination of several methods.

2. BOOKS [uncountable] books and other things that you can read:
Her main reading seems to be mystery novels.
a bit of light reading (=things that are easy and enjoyable to read) for my holiday
There’s a list of further reading (=other things you can read) at the end of each chapter.
a supply of interesting reading material

3. ACT OF READING [singular] when you read something:
The book is quite difficult on first reading.
a close reading of the text (=when you read it very carefully)

4. UNDERSTANDING [countable] your way of understanding what a particular statement, situation, event etc means Synonym : interpretation
reading of
What’s your reading of the government’s response to this crisis?

5. TO A GROUP [countable]
a) an occasion when a piece of literature is read to a group of people:
a poetry reading at the bookstore
b) a piece of writing, especially from the Bible, that is read to a group of people:
The first reading is from Corinthians I, Chapter 3.

6. make (for) interesting/fascinating/compelling etc reading to be interesting etc to read:
Your report made fascinating reading.

7. MEASUREMENT [countable] a number or amount shown on a measuring instrument:
We take temperature readings every two hours.

8. IN PARLIAMENT [countable] one of the occasions in the British Parliament or the US Congress when a suggested new law is discussed:
the second reading of the Industrial Relations Bill

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I. sth you can read
ADJ. compelling, compulsive, fascinating, good, interesting | depressing, disturbing | heavy, serious | light | compulsory, essential, required | recommended, suggested | background, introductory | further | bedtime, holiday some light holiday reading
VERB + READING be, make (for) Their story makes compulsive reading.

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II. activity of reading
ADJ. extensive After extensive reading on the subject she set to work on an article.
careful, close, critical A close reading of the text reveals several contradictions.
serious | map My map-reading skills are not the best.
VERB + READING do, get down to I haven't had time to do much reading lately. In the holidays I'll get down to some serious reading.
READING + NOUN material, matter | ability, age, knowledge, skills He has a reading age of eight. She has a good reading knowledge of Russian.
glasses, light, room
PREP. ~ about/on His reading about Ruskin led him to the works of Turner.

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III. reading in public
ADJ. public | Bible, poetry
VERB + READING give Dickens gave many public readings from his works.
PREP. at a/the ~ We met at a reading of his poetry.
~ from/of readings from the Koran

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IV. figure/measurement shown on an instrument
ADJ. high, low | zero | normal | accurate, correct | false | meter, thermometer
VERB + READING get, obtain, take | give The dials were giving higher readings than we had expected.

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