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reception /rɪˈsepʃən/ noun

پذیرا شدن ، پذیرایی ، مهمانی ، دریافت ، پذیرش ، قبول ، برخورد ، علوم مهندسی: وصول ، علوم نظامی: قدرت پذیرش پذیرایی کردن
- party, function, levee, soirée
- welcome, acknowledgment, greeting, reaction, response, treatment
English Thesaurus: do, do your work/homework etc, do the shopping/cooking/washing etc, do a test/experiment/some research, do a course, ...

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reception W3 /rɪˈsepʃən/ noun
[Word Family: noun: receipt, receipts, receiver, reception, receivership, receiving, receptionist, receptor; adjective: receptiveUNRECEPTIVE, received; verb: receive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: Latin receptio, from recipere; receive]

1. WELCOME/REACTION [countable usually singular] a particular type of welcome for someone, or a particular type of reaction to their ideas, work etc ⇒ receive:
She was unsure of her reception after everything that had happened.
a warm/good/enthusiastic reception
The delegates gave him a warm reception.
a hostile/cool/frosty reception
His ideas met with a hostile reception.
receive/have/get/meet with a ... reception
He got a great reception from the crowd.
The plans received a mixed reception from unions (=some people liked them, others did not).

2. HOTEL/OFFICE [uncountable]
a) the desk or office where visitors arriving in a hotel or large organization go first:
Please leave your key at the reception desk.
I asked the man at reception.
b) British English the area around or in front of this desk or office Synonym : lobby:
I’ll wait for you in reception.
the reception area

3. PARTY [countable] a large formal party to celebrate an event or to welcome someone:
It’s an ideal location for a wedding reception.
The occasion was marked by a civic reception.

4. SIGNALS [uncountable] the act of receiving radio, television, or other signals, or the quality of signals you receive:
listeners complaining about poor reception

5. FOOTBALL [countable] the act of catching the ball in American football

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I. area in a building
VERB + RECEPTION wait (for sb) in Please wait for me downstairs in reception.
leave sth at/with I've left the keys at reception.
report to All delegates should report to reception on arrival.
phone, ring
RECEPTION + NOUN area | counter, desk | hall | staff
PREP. at (the) ~ The man at reception says there's a call for you.
in ~ The documents are in reception.
on ~ I've been on reception (= working at the reception desk) the whole morning.

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II. formal party
ADJ. big, large | intimate, small | formal | informal | official | special | evening | civic, diplomatic, press, wedding | buffet, champagne, sherry, wine
VERB + RECEPTION attend | give, have, hold, host Are you having a big reception after the wedding?
organize | invite sb to Friends and family are invited to a reception after the ceremony.
PREP. at a/the ~ We met at a reception.
~ for a reception for the Japanese trade delegation

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III. type of welcome given to sb/sth
ADJ. enthusiastic, favourable, friendly, good, great, marvellous, positive, rapturous, rousing, sympathetic, warm | lukewarm, mixed | bad, chilly, cool, frosty, hostile | critical critical reception to a movie
VERB + RECEPTION enjoy, get, have, meet (with), receive The returning soldiers enjoyed a rousing reception. The scheme has had a somewhat mixed reception from local people.
expect The managers did not expect a sympathetic reception from the striking workers.
give sb/sth She was given a rapturous reception by the crowd.
RECEPTION + NOUN party A reception party of soldiers was there to greet the visiting head of state.
centre a reception centre for children who have run away from home
PREP. ~ by the book's reception by reviewers
~ from a cool reception from the crowd
~ into reception into the monastic order | ~ to the positive reception to the Chancellor's speech

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IV. quality of radio/television signals
ADJ. good, strong Television reception is very good in this area.
bad, poor, weak | radio, television

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a warm reception (=friendly or approving)
The Prince was given a warm reception when he visited Birmingham.
an enthusiastic/rapturous/rousing reception (=in which people show a lot of approval in a noisy way)
She received an enthusiastic reception.
a hostile reception
When reporters arrived at the house, they got a hostile reception.
a cool/chilly/frosty reception (=not friendly or approving)
His idea got a cool reception from his colleagues.
a lukewarm reception (=not enthusiastic)
I am bewildered by the lukewarm reception given to her latest album.
a mixed reception (=when some people like something and some do not)
His first novel received a mixed reception.
a favourable/positive reception
The movie got a favourable reception from audiences and critics alike.
get/have a warm etc reception (also receive a warm etc reception formal)
As he came on, Rocky got a great reception from the crowd.
meet with a warm etc reception formal
They met with a chilly reception from my mother.
give somebody/something a warm etc reception
Opposition parties gave the proposals a lukewarm reception.
a wedding reception
There were over 200 guests at our wedding reception.
a civic reception (=one given by the authorities of a city)
The plaque was unveiled during a civic reception given at Glasgow City Chambers.
a champagne reception
Tickets include a champagne reception and buffet supper.
an official reception
After an official reception at the Embassy, they visited the White House.
a formal reception
There will be a formal reception in honour of his life and work.
attend a reception
We have to attend a reception at the Embassy.
have/hold a reception
The wedding reception will be held at The Grand Hotel.

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