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red /red/ adjective (comparative redder, superlative reddest)

بدهکار بودن حساب ، قرمز ، سرخ ، خونین ، انقلابی ، کمونیست ، بازرگانی: کسری داشتن حساب
کامپیوتر: قرمز

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- crimson, carmine, cherry, coral, ruby, scarlet, vermilion
- chestnut, carroty, flame-coloured, reddish, sandy, titian
- flushed, blushing, embarrassed, florid, shamefaced
- in the red: in debt, in arrears, insolvent, overdrawn
- see red: lose one's temper, blow one's top, crack up (informal), fly off the handle (informal), go ballistic (slang, chiefly U.S.), go mad (informal)

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Red adjective

1. derogatory (especially in newspapers) supporting left-wing political ideas; Socialist or Communist:
‘Red Ken wins seat in Parliament.’ (=newspaper report)

2. of Communist countries; especially formerly the communist countries of Eastern Europe

3. better Red than dead a phrase used during the Cold War by some people opposed to nuclear weapons, meaning that it would be better to be controlled by a Communist government than to be killed in a nuclear war

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I. red1 S1 W1 /red/ adjective (comparative redder, superlative reddest)
[Language: Old English; Origin: read]

1. COLOUR having the colour of blood:
We painted the door bright red.
a red balloonblood-red, ⇒ cherry red at cherry(3), ⇒ scarlet

2. HAIR hair that is red has an orange-brown colour

3. FACE if you go red, your face becomes a bright pink colour, especially because you are embarrassed or angry
go/turn red
Every time you mention his name, she goes bright red.

4. WINE red wine is a red or purple colour ⇒ white

5. like a red rag to a bull British English (also like waving a red flag in front of a bull American English) very likely to make someone angry or upset:
Just mentioning his ex-wife’s name was like a red rag to a bull.

6. roll out the red carpet/give somebody the red carpet treatment to give special treatment to an important visitor

7. not one red cent American English informal used to emphasize that you mean no money at all:
I wouldn’t give him one red cent for that car.

8. POLITICS informal communist or extremely left-wing political views – used to show disapproval
—redness noun [uncountable]
paint the town red at paint2(5)

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II. red2 noun

1. [uncountable and countable] the colour of blood:
I like the way the artist uses red in this painting.
the reds and yellows of the trees
The corrections were marked in red (=in red ink).

2. [uncountable and countable] red wine ⇒ white:
a nice bottle of red

3. be in the red informal to owe more money than you have Antonym : be in the blackoverdrawn:
This is the airline’s fourth straight year in the red.

4. [countable] informal someone who has communist or very left-wing political opinions – used especially in the past to show disapproval
see red at see1(35)

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I. of the colour of blood
VERBS glow The coals glowed red in the dying fire.
ADV. very | slightly The leaves looked slightly red.
ADJ. bright, brilliant, fiery, flaming, vibrant, vivid flaming red hair
dark, deep, rich | light, pale | dull | blood, brick, ruby her ruby red lips
 ⇒ Special page at COLOUR

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II. of the face
VERBS be, look | flush, go, grow, turn Mr Grubb was shouting and growing redder and redder in the face.
ADV. very | quite | rather, slightly
ADJ. bright, fiery He could feel himself going bright red.
PREP. with Ross flushed red with embarrassment.
PHRASES as red as a beetroot, red in the face Charles was rapidly turning red in the face.

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See: in the red , paint the town red , see red

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