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col·our , color /ˈkʌlə $ -ər/ noun

رنگامیزی ، فام ، بشره ، تغییر رنگ دادن ، رنگ کردن ، ملون کردن ، معماری: رنگزدن
پزشکی: رنگ

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- hue, colorant, dye, paint, pigment, shade, tint
- paint, dye, stain, tinge, tint
- blush, flush, redden
English Thesaurus: colour, shade, hue, tint, tone, ...

[TahlilGaran] English Synonym Dictionary

I. col·our1 S1 W1 British English, color American English /ˈkʌlə $ -ər/ noun

1. RED/BLUE/GREEN ETC [countable] red, blue, yellow, green, brown, purple etc:
What colour dress did you buy?
What colour are his eyes?
The pens come in a wide range of colours.
light/bright/pastel etc colour
I love wearing bright colours.
reddish-brown/yellowy-green/deep blue etc colour
The walls were a lovely reddish-brown color.

2. COLOUR IN GENERAL [uncountable] (also colours) the appearance of something as a result of the way it reflects (=throws back) light, especially when its appearance is very bright or is made up of a lot of different colours:
Bright bold accessories are the quickest way to add colour to a room.
in colour
The wine was almost pink in colour (=was almost pink).
blaze/riot/mass of colour (=lots of different bright colours)
In summer the gardens are a blaze of colour.
a splash of colour (=a small area of a bright colour)
The sky began to slowly change colour.
the fall colors (=the colours of the trees in autumn)

3. SB’S RACE [uncountable and countable] how dark or light someone’s skin is, which shows which race they belong to:
Everyone has a right to a job, regardless of their race, sex, or colour.
people of all colors
the continuing battle against colour prejudicecoloured2

4. people/women/students etc of color especially American English people, women etc who are not white:
I’m the only person of color in my class.

5. SUBSTANCE [uncountable and countable] a substance such as paint or dye that makes something red, blue, yellow etc:
Wash the garment separately, as the colour may run (=come out when washed).
jams that contain no artificial colours or preservatives
lip/nail/eye colour
our new range of eyeshadows and lip colours

6. in (full) colour a television programme, film, or photograph that is in colour contains colours such as red, green, and blue rather than just black and white Antonym : in black and white:
All the recipes in the book are illustrated in full colour.

7. SB’S FACE [uncountable] if you have some colour in your face, your face is pink or red, usually because you are healthy or embarrassed:
You look a lot better today. At least you’ve got a bit of colour now.
One of the girls giggled nervously as colour flooded her cheeks (=her cheeks suddenly went very pink or red).
He stared at her, the colour draining from his face.

8. SOMETHING INTERESTING [uncountable] interesting and exciting details or qualities that someone or something has:
The old market is lively, full of colour and activity.
a travel writer in search of local colour
add/give colour to something (=make something more interesting)
Intelligent use of metaphors can add colour to your writing.

9. lend/give colour to something to make something, especially something unusual, appear likely or true:
We have new evidence that lends colour to the accusation of fraud.

10. off colour
a) [not before noun] British English someone who is off colour is feeling slightly ill
b) [usually before noun] especially American English off-colour jokes, stories etc are rude and often about sex

11. colours [plural]
a) the colours that are used to represent a team, school, club, country etc
club/team/school colours
a cap in the team colours
Australia’s national colours are gold and green.
b) British English a flag, shirt etc that shows that someone or something belongs to or supports a particular team, school, club, or country

12. see the colour of sb’s money spoken to have definite proof that someone has enough money to pay for something:
‘A whiskey, please.’ ‘Let’s see the color of your money first.’
with flying colours at flying1(2), ⇒ nail your colours to the mast at nail2(5), ⇒ your true colours at true1(13)

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II. colour2 British English, color American English verb

1. [transitive] to change the colour of something, especially by using dye:
If I didn’t colour my hair I’d be totally grey.
Colour the icing with a little green food colouring.
colour something red/blue etc
Sunset came and coloured the sky a brilliant red.

2. [intransitive and transitive] (also colour in) to use coloured pencils to put colours inside the lines of a picture:
On the back page is a picture for your child to colour in.
She has no idea how to colour a picture – she just scribbles all over it.

3. [intransitive] literary when someone colours, their face becomes redder because they are embarrassed Synonym : blush:
Her eyes suddenly met his and she coloured slightly.

4. colour sb’s judgement/opinions/attitudes etc to influence the way someone thinks about something, especially so that they become less fair or reasonable:
In my position, I can’t afford to let my judgement be coloured by personal feelings.

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III. colour3 British English, color American English adjective
colour television/photograph/printer etc a colour television, photograph etc produces or shows pictures in colour rather than in black, white, and grey ⇒ black and white:
a large color TV
Please ask for our free colour brochure.

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PREP. off ~ (= looking or feeling ill)
I. quality that makes sth red, etc.

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III. interesting or exciting details
ADJ. bold, bright, brilliant, vivid,
ADJ. local a journalist in search of a
vibrant | dark, deep Dark colours bit of local colour suit you best.
intense, rich,
VERB + COLOUR add, give sth, lend strong the intense colour of new His asides lent colour to the story. leaves
light, muted, pale,
PHRASES full of colour pastel, soft, subdued, subtle | dull | garish, gaudy, loud, lurid | autumn/autumnal, earthy, warm | sombre | attractive, beautiful, lovely | complementary, contrasting | matching | basic | primary, secondary | indeterminate, neutral | natural | blue, red, etc. The curtains went a strange orange colour when we washed them.
eye, hair, skin What is her natural hair colour?
QUANT. dash, flash, splash | mass, riot The garden is a riot of colour in spring.
spot, touch
VERB + COLOUR change The chameleon changes colour to match its surroundings.
add The silk cushions add colour to an otherwise dull room.
COLOUR + VERB match (sth) | clash | fade | run This colour runs, so wash the shirt separately.
COLOUR + NOUN combination, range, scheme We have to choose a colour scheme for the dining room.
illustration, photograph, photography, printing, reproduction | monitor, television
PREP. in ~ The flowers are pale blue in colour. Is the film in colour or black and white? The book is lavishly illustrated in full colour. | in a ~ The scarf is available in six different colours.
PHRASES a combination/range of colours2 redness in the face
ADJ. heightened, high You could tell she was excited by the heightened colour in her cheeks. | faint
VERB + COLOUR have You have a bit more colour in your cheeks now. | bring The walk brought colour to her face.
be drained of, drain of, lose His face drained of all colour.
COLOUR + VERB flood sth, rise Colour flooded her cheeks. The colour rose in his face.
drain The colour drained from her face when she saw him.
come back, return Gradually the colour returned to his cheeks.

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ADV. heavily, strongly His opinions are heavily coloured by his own experiences.

[TahlilGaran] Collocations Dictionary


a red/green/blue etc colour
Our door was painted a bright green colour.
a reddish/greenish/bluish etc colour (=slightly red, green, blue etc)
The glass used for bottles is often a greenish colour.
a bluey/yellowy/browny colour (=a shade of blue, yellow etc)
I like bluey colours best.
a bright/strong colour (=strong and noticeable)
Bright colours look good in strong sunlight.
a bold/vivid/vibrant colour (=bright in a way that is exciting)
His paintings are known for their use of bold colours.
a rich colour (=strong and beautiful or expensive-looking)
I love the rich colours in oriental rugs.
a dark colour (=more like black than white)
People tend to wear dark colours to work.
a deep colour (=dark and attractive)
a neutral colour (=one that matches other colours easily, for example white or cream)
a light/pale colour (=not dark or strong)
Light colours make a room look larger.
a pastel colour (=pale blue, pink, yellow or green)
a warm colour (=pleasant and containing some red, yellow, or orange)
The old farmhouse is beautifully decorated with warm colours.
a soft colour (=pleasant and not very strong)
a subtle colour (=pleasant, not strong, and a little unusual)
Italian sweaters come in lovely subtle colours.
a loud colour (=very bright in a way that looks unpleasant or funny)
a gaudy/garish colour (=loud and usually showing bad taste)
contrasting colours (=ones that are different from each other in a way that looks attractive)
You need to have one or two contrasting colours in the room.
complementary colours (=ones that look nice together)
Plant the flowers in patches in complementary colours.
a matching colour (=one that is the same as something else)
I bought some gloves and a scarf in a matching colour.
a primary colour (=red, yellow, or blue)
Why are children’s toys always in primary colours?
a colour matches something (=it is the same colour)
The colour in this tin of paint doesn’t match the walls.
a colours clashes (with something) (=is different from something in a way that is unattractive)
Do you think the colour of this tie clashes with my shirt?
a colour fades (=loses colour and brightness)
The colour of the curtains had faded in the sun.
a colour scheme (=the colours that you use in a room, painting etc)
Have you decided on a colour scheme?
a colour combination/combination of colours (=the colours that exist or that you put together)
In autumn the leaves create lovely colour combinations.
a colour range/range of colours (=a number of colours that you can choose from)
There’s a wide colour range to choose from.

[TahlilGaran] Collocations Dictionary

BAD: The belt has the same colour as the coat.
GOOD: The belt is the same colour as the coat.

Usage Note:
When you describe or enquire about the colour of something, use be (NOT have ): 'What colour was the dress she was wearing?'

BAD: The purse is made of leather and is dark brown colour.
GOOD: The purse is made of leather and is a dark brown colour.

Usage Note:
When describing a colour that is not pure, use a/an : 'The dress is a reddish-green colour.'

BAD: My wallet colour is black.
GOOD: The colour of my wallet is black.

Usage Note:
the colour of sth : 'Do you remember the colour of their kitchen?'

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Common Errors

BAD: I bought a blue colour shirt and a pair of socks.
GOOD: I bought a blue shirt and a pair of socks.
BAD: I have never liked black colour.
GOOD: I have never liked black.

Usage Note:
See COLOURED 1 (coloured)
Note also that the name of a colour can be used with in colour: 'It's brown in colour with white buttons down the front.'

BAD: At Hari Raya we hang colour lights around the house.
GOOD: At Hari Raya we hang coloured lights around the house.

Usage Note:
colour = showing people and things in their natural colours: 'a colour television', 'a colour photograph'
coloured = having one or more colours (not white or black), especially in order to look attractive: 'Do you want plain envelopes or coloured ones?' 'Each book is full of brightly-coloured full-page illustrations.'

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Common Errors

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