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regulation /ˌreɡjəˈleɪʃən, ˌreɡjʊˈleɪʃən/ noun

مقررات و نظامات نظام ، نظامنامه ، پهنه تنظیم ، تنظیم ، تعدیل ، قاعده ، دستور ، قانون ، ایین نامه ، مقرره ، علوم مهندسی: ایین نامه ، الکترونیک: تنظیم ، معماری: مقررات ، قانون ـ فقه: تنظیم
مهندسی صنایع: نیروی انسانی: تنظیم - آیین نامه الکترونیک: تنظیم ، قاعده ، دستور ، قانون ، ایین نامه ، علوم مهندسی: ایین نامه ، نظامنامه ، مقررات و نظامات نظام ، تنظیم ، حقوق: نظامنامه ، مقررات ، معماری: پهنه تنظیم ، تنظیم ، الکترونیک: تنظیم ، تعدیل ، قاعده ، دستور، قانون ، ایین نامه ، مقرره کامپیوتر: تنظیم

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- rule, decree, dictate, edict, law, order, precept, statute
- control, direction, government, management, supervision
- adjustment, modulation, tuning
English Thesaurus: rule, law, regulation, restriction, guidelines, ...

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I. regulation1 S2 W2 AC /ˌreɡjəˈleɪʃən, ˌreɡjʊˈleɪʃən/ noun
[Word Family: noun: regulation, regulator; verb: regulate; adjective: regulatory]

1. [countable] an official rule or order:
There seem to be so many rules and regulations these days.
regulation on
new regulations on imports
regulations governing the safety of toys
building/planning/fire/health regulations
The local authority is introducing new planning regulations.
All companies must comply with the regulations.
under ... regulations
Under the new regulations, all staff must have safety training.

2. [uncountable] control over something, especially by rules
regulation of
the regulation of public spending

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II. regulation2 adjective [only before noun]
used or worn because of official rules:
The girls were all wearing regulation shoes.

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I. control of sth
ADJ. strict, tight, tough | increased | government, international, official, professional, public, state | legal, statutory | self, voluntary | economic, environmental, financial | price, temperature
VERB + REGULATION call for, demand They are calling for tighter regulation of the industry.
introduce | be subject to Theatre, cinema and broadcasting are all subject to regulation by local authorities.
PREP. ~ by regulation by local authorities

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II. (usually regulations) law/rule
ADJ. strict, stringent, tighter, tougher The Act imposes more stringent regulations on atmospheric pollution.
draft | emergency | statutory | building, fire, hygiene, planning, safety, traffic, etc. | EU, federal, government, international, official | prison, school
VERB + REGULATION comply with, conform to, meet, observe, satisfy To comply with government hygiene regulations, there must be a separate sink for hand washing.
breach, break, contravene, flout, infringe | adopt, bring in, impose, introduce, issue, make These restrictions are set out in regulations made by the minister. | liberalize, relax The government is under pressure to relax censorship regulations.
tighten | enforce In practice, the regulations are rarely enforced.
REGULATION + VERB be designed to The regulations are designed to encourage lower consumption of water.
control sth, govern sth, protect sth regulations governing trade and industry
impose sth, require sth, restrict sth, specify sth, stipulate sth Regulations require water authorities to test sea water for bacteria.
apply (to sth) These regulations apply to all cows sold after June 1998.
come into force
REGULATION + NOUN uniform, white shirt, etc. She was wearing the regulation school uniform.
PREP. against (the) ~s It's against safety regulations to fix these doors open.
in (the) ~ The limits are specified in the regulations.
under (the) ~ Under the new regulations, each worker must have a rest every two hours.
~s concerning/regarding There are strict regulations concerning the adoption of children.
~ on regulations on hygiene
PHRASES a breach of the regulations, compliance with a regulation, in accordance with (the) regulations The notice is in accordance with Regulation 7.
rules and regulations

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The regulations surrounding the handling of nuclear waste are very strict.
safety regulations
Every railway has complex safety regulations.
government/federal regulations
Small businessman are fed up with government regulations.
building regulations (=relating to the structure of buildings)
The Building Regulations no longer specify minimum ceiling heights.
environmental regulations
The Bill stipulated some of the toughest environmental regulations yet seen in the industrial world.
planning regulations (=relating to what buildings can be built in an area)
The house must be demolished because it does not conform to planning regulations.
hygiene regulations (=relating to keeping restaurants, hotel kitchens etc clean)
Hygiene regulations stipulate that the caterer must use suitable equipment.
statutory regulations (=that are fixed or controlled by law)
All government bodies are bound by statutory regulations on, for instance, race and sex discrimination.
comply with/meet/conform to regulations
Hotel kitchens must comply with these regulations.
break regulations
The penalties for breaking the regulations were severe.
make regulations
The Secretary of State can make safety regulations governing the making of goods.
tighten regulations (=make them stricter)
The President is expected to announce new efforts to tighten gun-control regulations.
relax regulations (=make them less strict)
He has voted in favor of relaxing environmental regulations.
regulations apply to something
The regulations also apply to new buildings.
regulations govern something (=apply to something)
There are regulations governing the safety of toys.
regulations stipulate something (=state what must be done)
The hospital regulations stipulate minimum staffing levels.
rules and regulations
We must reduce the number of rules and regulations.

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