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release /rɪˈliːs/ verb [transitive]

کلید قطع کننده ، ازاد سازی ، خارج کردن ، بری شدن برائت از دین ، مفاصا" ، ترک دعوی ابراء کسی از دین ، واگذار کردن ، اجازه صدور ، اجازه ارسال پیام ، رهاکردن ، بخشودگی ، ترخیص کردن کالا ، برگ مرخصی ، رها کردن ، ازاد کردن ، مرخص کردن ، منتشر ساختن ، رهایی ، ازادی ، استخلاص ، ترخیص ، بخشش ، پخش ، علوم مهندسی: رهایی واگذاری ، قانون ـ فقه: ابراء ، اعراض از حق به نفع دیگری ، بازرگانی: از گرو بیرون اوردن ، ورزش: رها کردن مچ ، علوم نظامی: رها کردن بمب
مهندسی صنایع: فروش/خرید/تدارکات: ترخیص ، آزاد سازی
مالی: ترخیص
نت: ترخیص کردن-آزاد کردن کامپیوتر: آزاد کردن پزشکی: آزادکردن

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- set free, discharge, drop, extricate, free, liberate, loose, unbridle, undo, unfasten
- acquit, absolve, exonerate, let go, let off
- issue, circulate, distribute, launch, make known, make public, publish, put out
- liberation, deliverance, discharge, emancipation, freedom, liberty
- acquittal, absolution, exemption, exoneration
- issue, proclamation, publication
Antonyms: detain, check
Related Idioms: cast loose, set at large
Related Words: acquit, exculpate, exonerate, relinquish, resign, surrender, yield

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I. release1 S2 W2 AC /rɪˈliːs/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: relessier, from Latin relaxare; relax]

1. LET SOMEBODY GO to let someone go free, after having kept them somewhere ⇒ free, discharge:
Police arrested several men, who were later released.
The bears are eventually released into the wild.
release somebody from something
He was released from the hospital yesterday.

2. MAKE PUBLIC to let news or official information be known and printed Synonym : publish:
The new trade figures have just been released.

3. FILM/RECORD to make a CD, video, film etc available for people to buy or see:
A version of the game for Mac computers will be released in February.

4. STOP HOLDING/DROP to stop holding or drop something:
Thousands of bombs were released over Dresden.
release your grip/hold (on somebody/something)
The sudden noise made him release his hold on her arm.

5. FEELINGS to express or get rid of feelings such as anger or worry:
Physical exercise is a good way of releasing stress.

6. CHEMICAL to let a substance flow out
release something into something
Oil was released into the sea.

7. FROM A DUTY to allow someone not to do their duty or work:
Because of rising costs, the company released 10% of their workforce.
release somebody from something
Williams asked to be released from her contract.

8. MACHINERY to allow part of a piece of machinery or equipment to move from the position in which it is fastened or held:
Release the handbrake first.

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II. release2 S3 W2 AC noun

1. FROM PRISON [singular, uncountable] when someone is officially allowed to go free, after being kept somewhere:
Before release, the sea lions are fitted with electronic tracking devices.
release from
Simon has obtained early release from prison.

a) [countable] a new CD, video, film etc that is available to buy or see:
the band’s latest release
b) be on (general) release if a film is on release, you can go and see it in a cinema:
The film is on general release.

3. FEELINGS [singular, uncountable]
a) freedom to show or express your feelings:
Playing an instrument can be a form of emotional release.
b) a feeling that you are free from the worry or pain that you have been suffering:
treatment that will bring a release from pain

4. CHEMICALS [uncountable] when a chemical, gas etc is allowed to flow out of its usual container
release into
the release of toxic waste into the rivers

5. OFFICIAL STATEMENT [uncountable and countable] an official statement, report etc that is made available to be printed or broadcast, or the act of making it available Synonym : publication:
October 22nd is the date set for the report’s release

6. MACHINE [countable] a handle, button etc that can be pressed to allow part of a machine to move

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I. freeing sb from prison, etc.
ADJ. immediate There have been calls for his immediate and unconditional release.
imminent | early | unconditional
VERB + RELEASE grant sb He was granted early release.
secure A public outcry secured her release from detention.
PREP. ~ from his release from hospital
PHRASES release on bail/parole

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II. freeing sb from an emotion, a pain, etc.
ADJ. welcome She saw death as a welcome release from pain.
VERB + RELEASE give (sb) Crying gave some emotional release.
PREP. ~ from
PHRASES a feeling/sense of release, a release of tension All societies have social mechanisms for the release of tension.

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III. book/film/record/piece of news
ADJ. latest, new, recent | commercial | book, CD, film's, news, press, record, video
RELEASE + VERB be/come out The new CD releases will be out on Friday.

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I. allow sb to be free
ADV. quickly | immediately | eventually, finally | conditionally, unconditionally
PREP. from She was released from prison last week.
PHRASES newly/recently released

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II. allow sth to escape
ADV. accidentally The factory had accidentally released a quantity of toxic waste into the sea.
PREP. from the gases that are released from aerosols
into How much radiation was released into the air?

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III. make sth less tight
ADV. suddenly She laughed, the tension inside her suddenly released.

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IV. make sth available
ADV. officially Figures to be officially released this week reveal that long-term unemployment is still rising.
VERB + RELEASE refuse to Police have refused to release the name of the dead man.
PREP. to Details of the attack have not yet been released to the public.
PHRASES newly/recently released newly released recordings
originally/previously released The album was originally released in 1974.

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