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relax /rɪˈlæks/ verb

سست کردن یا شدن، لینت دادن، شل کردن، کم کردن، تمدد اعصاب کردن، راحت کردن، علوم مهندسی: تخفیف یافتن، ورزش: ازاد و شل شدن عضله ها
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- be or feel at ease, calm, chill out (slang, chiefly U.S.), lighten up (slang), rest, take it easy, unwind
- lessen, abate, ease, ebb, let up, loosen, lower, moderate, reduce, relieve, slacken, weaken
Contrasted words: rack (oneself), tense (up)
Related Idioms: be at ease, breathe easily, feel at home, make oneself at home
Related Words: calm (down), collect (oneself), compose (oneself), cool (off), simmer down
English Thesaurus: relax, rest, unwind, take it/things easy, put your feet up, ...

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relax S3 W3 AC /rɪˈlæks/ verb
[Word Family: adjective: relaxed, relaxing; verb: relax; noun: relaxation]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: relaxare 'to loosen', from laxus 'loose']

1. REST [intransitive and transitive] to rest or do something that is enjoyable, especially after you have been working:
I just want to sit down and relax.
What Robyn needed was a drink to relax her.
A hot bath should help to relax you.

2. BECOME CALM [intransitive and transitive] to become quiet and calm after you have been upset or nervous, or to make someone do this:
Once out of danger, he started to relax.
Relax! Everything’s fine.

3. MUSCLE [intransitive and transitive] if you relax a part of your body or it relaxes, it becomes less stiff or less tight:
Gentle exercise can relax stiff shoulder muscles.

4. RULES/LAWS [transitive] to make a rule or law less strict
relax rules/regulations/controls
Hughes believes that immigration controls should not be relaxed.

5. relax your hold/grip
a) to hold something less tightly than before
relax your hold/grip on
He relaxed his grip on my arm.
b) to become less strict in the way you control something
relax your hold/grip on
The party has no intention of relaxing its hold on the country.

6. relax your concentration/vigilance etc to reduce the amount of attention you give to something

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ADV. deeply Deeply relax all your muscles.
completely, totally | a little, slightly | just, simply Just relax and take it easy.
gradually, slowly He gradually relaxed and began to enjoy himself.
consciously She realized how tense she was and consciously relaxed.
VERB + RELAX begin to | try to Just try to relax completely.
learn to | help sb (to) Use music to help you relax.
make sb | appear to, seem to Julie seems to be relaxing a little now.
PREP. against Jenna relaxed against the pillows.
into His severe expression relaxed into a half-smile.
PHRASES lie/sit back and relax, relax and enjoy sth/yourself

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BAD: I usually relax myself by taking a hot bath.
GOOD: I usually relax by taking a hot bath.

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