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remarkable /rɪˈmɑːkəbəl $ -ɑːr-/ adjective

قابل توجه، عالی، جالب توجه، بازرگانی: چشمگیر
ارسال ایمیل
Synonyms: extraordinary, notable, outstanding, rare, singular, striking, surprising, uncommon, unusual, wonderful
Related Words: exceptional, important, momentous, significant, weighty, peculiar, singular, strange, unique

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remarkable W3 /rɪˈmɑːkəbəl $ -ɑːr-/ adjective
[Word Family: verb: remark; noun: remark; adverb: remarkably; adjective: remarkableunremarkable]
unusual or surprising and therefore deserving attention or praise:
She has made remarkable progress.
a remarkable coincidence
remarkable feat/achievement/accomplishment
It’s a remarkable achievement for the company.
it is remarkable that
It is remarkable that women did not have the vote until that time.
remarkable for
His drawings are remarkable for their accuracy.
He’s a remarkable man.

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VERBS be, seem
ADV. most, quite, really, truly, very a most remarkable musician a truly remarkable discovery
PREP. for These cars are remarkable for the quietness of their engines.

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