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reputable /ˈrepjətəbəl, ˈrepjʊtəbəl/ adjective

قابل شهرت ، مشهور ، قابل اطمینان ، بازرگانی: معروف
Synonyms: respectable, creditable, excellent, good, honourable, reliable, trustworthy, well-thought-of, worthy
English Thesaurus: honest, reputable, above board, upright, straight, ...

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reputable /ˈrepjətəbəl, ˈrepjʊtəbəl/ adjective
[Word Family: noun: reputation, repute, disrepute; adjective: reputabledisreputable, reputed; adverb: reputedly]
respected for being honest or for doing good work Synonym : reliable Antonym : disreputable
reputable firm/company
If you have a burglar alarm fitted, make sure it is done by a reputable company.

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ADV. highly, very a highly reputable company

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